anyone high blood pressure and MS!

I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and im worried that when i go to drs they will now put me on medication for it, as its the highest its been.I have already lost nearly 2 stone as im pre diabetic and i dont drink or smoke.I am not mobile so think thats the main reason its high now as im 61.I hate the thought of having to take drugs for it.Wondering if they have bad side effects too.

Hi Jay, Ive been on high bp meds for eons. Im 67 overweight and wheelchair stuck. I take 2 kinds 1. viazem also known as diltiazem…300mg 2. candesartan 2mg Neither cause any side effects and I guess they keep me ticker ticking over nicely!

Well done on losing all that weight. People seem to do well with losing weight while also improving their blood pressure by eating low carbohydrate or even very low carbohydrate (ketogenic). HEre’s a link to the science based and very informative Diet Doctor site. You might be eating this way already, of course! I don’t need to lose weight, but I have been eating low carb for health for a good while now (liberal low carb in Diet Doctor parlance, which isn’t very low carb at all, but way lower than the standard UK diet and find it really suits me. It is also delicious, nutritious and easy to do and sustain. Alison How to Normalize Your Blood Pressure Naturally – Diet Doctor

Thanks poll good to hear u dont have side effects with the blood pressure drugs x

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Thanks Alison x

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I have been on propanonol for eons. High bp is in my family. weirdly enough i found that some doctors treat MS patients with propanonol. I do get very slight tremors occasionally but nothing major. i am on low dose 80mg.

I have to be checked for diabetes.

I did have side affects to start but to be honest now i have so much rubbish going on i have no idea if any belong to the tablets. My bp is now running on adverage 136/75 I am 68.

Hi CC high blood pressure and diabetes is in my family too.Mum had it years but would never take tablets for it.I hate the thought of taking tablets but looks like i will be doing soon.