Blood Pressure

For many years been taking Amlodipine (10 mg) daily for hypertension. BP well controlled.

For the last 12 months been feeling very unwell each morning - got better as day went on. Last week wondered if the Amlodipine which I took first thing was causing the unwellness.

So stopped taking it a.m. but took it at lunchtime - surprised that i felt well all a.m. but unwell after taking the tablet (not on any other medication.)

Wondered about taking tablet last thing at night so that by morning effects would have worn off.

Or should I go to the GP and ask to try another tablet.

I have a BP machine - if BP is stable at a good level with out the Amlodipine is it o.k. to stop taking it altogether?

One moral from this story is that it is wrong to lay the blame for all our aches/pains on the m.s.!

Know I should ask doctor but anyone had experience of something similar?


iv also got high blood pressure, but have just been put on amlodipine to control kidney protein, i only took the first 5mg last night but admit that the list of side effects really scared me. My OH has been on them for a few years now and has never grumbled about anything listed as a side effect,

so I’m following medical advice and just seeing how it goes along with my other medication for a month, if I develop any of the side-effects I will be going back to the GP I’m sure there’s something else they can prescribe, I didn’t like the idea of protein in the kidneys so I’ve not really got a choice.

Incidentally a lot of the side-effects listed could very easily be something we might attribute to having MS, but the most important thing if you didn’t need some medication for your blood pressure they wouldn’t have prescribed it, I really wouldn’t stop taking medication the doctor had prescribed me unless they know.

my own blood pressure monitor reads very low for me when compared to the blood pressure monitors in doctors surgeries and hospitals (except when they won’t read anything at all) I obviously suffer from whitecoat syndrome,

I have low blood pressure which comes with its own problems.

my doctor told me to take salt, which i choose to interpret as ready salted crisps!

I personally took labetalol for high BP. It was the only thing that worked to control my blood pressure. The only side effect I had was I was super itchy on my scalp and I think it lasted a week or two if I remember correctly. I think it used to give me headaches as well though… but worth it for keeping my blood pressure under control.

Hi, I take my BP meds at bedtime…they are candesartin and diltiazem. I suffer no ill effects.