Fed up

Does anyone else sit and look at the pile of stuff we need to take just to feel normal and think sod it…no more tonight!!! I do it regularly but the pain bites back in the morning Will we ever learn?? Take care Baz

Baz How I feel for you, unfortunatley I appear to be medicine intollerant awful side affects whatever I take, these days a smoke & a couple of drinks seem to do the trick or not!! I’ve forgotten what normal is :frowning: Xx


Im on morphine stops you worrying


Hi, about 2 week ago, I go my tablets muddled…cant think why, as I`m usually on top of it.

However i took my nighttime meds in the am and then doubled up at night too!

I did have some unpleasant feelings and now have alerted hubby and carer so they double check I am getting it right now!



no in answer to both ur questions