Help for extreme tiredness & aching everywhere...

Good Afternoon,

I am currently off work with non stop tiredness making it difficult to do anything let alone work. I have started taking Provigil at 100mg in the morning & a half tablet in the afternoon but no improvement yet.

I’m looking for advice please on what I can eat or drink that could help as I don’t like staying in all the time.

Thank you for reading this.



I don’t know what foods or drinks may help you feel less tired. Perhaps avoiding caffine so that you don’t crash so to speak? Hopefully someone else will have some good ideas for you.

Good luck - hope you feel better soon,

Laura x

Hi, sorry you’re feeling so tired. I know it’s not fun.

Generally, low GI, complex carbs are better as they release the energy slower for longer. Sugary foods are best avoided, as they can cause a spike in blood sugar and then a crash afterwards, so have wholegrain stuff.

I’ve noticed that bread can leave me feeling lethargic, especially white bread, so I have granary or seeded bread if I do ever have it. The same is true for me with white pasta, so I use wholemeal pasta. Also, overly fatty or processed food can wipe me out, and I tend not to feel great after red or fatty meat, like lamb or sausages.

I’d recommend keeping a food diary, and making note of how you feel after the things you eat. Then you may see some patterns.