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Hello all,

Just would value some advice as I want to be more intelligent about MS. I have done a lot of research online to get better understanding but felt I would reach out on here for personal experiences/greater knowledge.

Someone I know has got RRMS and was diagnosed with it in 2018. It seems they have had 4 relapses in 1 year which seems quite high.

I just want to know things are going to change in the future and what I need to expect. How likely is it that it will develop to SPMS and any predictive time scale too, although it’s all down to the individual I appreciate.

Any thoughts or insights would be valuable.

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Hi hun. ARE YOU ASKING ABOUT THE person you know or are you talking about yourself?

No one can predict the course of MS. Everyone is different. I met a lady who had MS for about 50 years she was 70 when i met her she was only 20ish when diagnosed and when i met her she was still working and travelling in her job. Her brother also had MS and was still doing stuff.

Then i know others who have had a few relapses quickly.

I have PPMS so dont have relapses i have constant MS with no remission. I have a friend also who has had MS for years and only just gone into SPMS diagnosis.

so there is no predictive time scale that i am aware of. x


MS varies a lot, as you probably know. That means that individuals’ experience, while they can be interesting, usually don’t carry much predictive weight. In other words, if you want, as you say, to ‘know how htings are going to change in the future and what I need to expect’ etc, individuals’ experiences are either useless or plain misleading. If want to understand about MS and the prognosis on an average level, the main part of this MS Society site has lots of good and reliable information.
p.s. if what you’re actually after is someone who has had MS for 20+ years can live a decent and enjoyable life, then I can reassure you. But if things had gone differently for me I might be saying something very different now. In fact might be saying something different tomorrow - that’s the thing about MS: there IS no certainty to be found.



Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately no one can answer that question, it’s a bit like how long is a piece of string, as MS is a very individual disease and totally unpredictable.

I don’t have relapses either being pppms but it maybe your friend might be able to go on disease modifying drugs that would help, but the Neuro will advise on that.

Wishing you all the best.

Pam x