Hi, I’m Vichy I’m 41 and was told be my dr I have fibromyalgia.for the last 5 years but I have never had more then four tender points on the body and I don’t get the same pain as most I’ve meet . I don’t have panic fits so when I started with pins and needles in both hands and feet I though ok maybe I’m sitting funny. But I get them when I’m walking sitting standing .i seem to have them in my feet all the time. And twiching .like ants in my feet. I also have weakness in my left arm and just lately I have found walking makes me so stiff I can barly walk after a walk with my dogs. I have probs with finding words and forget simple things. I have had bladder probs for a long time .first it was over active bladder and infections now I have been clear for two years but I pee all the time and need pads but I no I don’t have infection . I got tremors in about every part u can get them . I’m seeing a Nero in two months I’ve had every blood test and I’m low on vit D and iron .so I’m on pills for that.for the last few weeks. I’ve never been offered a MRI or scan so I have no idea what to ask for. I no something’s very amiss but as to what I don’t no and I no the more u look on the net the more confused u get. Any advice would be great .im quite lost