Hello this is my 1st time posting

This is my 1st time posting here so apologies for rambling.
I was originally diagnosed in 2013, I started by having pins & needles and numbness in my right foot which then went up my leg to my hip and then into my left foot and leg. I was sent for an MRI and was diagnosed. I was then put under a consultant and was prescribed Pregabalin.
I fell pregnant in 2014 and all my symptoms went. A year later and I gradually reduced my medication. At the end of 2018 because I hadn’t had a relapse that affected another part of my body my diagnosis was changed to Clinically Isolated Syndrome. My symptoms in my legs was minimal with the occasional tingling and sensitivity. In 2019 these symptoms lasted longer than normal and I was put back on the Pregabalin just a small dose of 50mg a day. At the back end of 2020 I saw a new consultant who transferred my over to the local MS nurse as I was doing well and told me as I had no symptoms that I could stop taking the pregabalin. This had a negative impact and symptoms started again. I spoke to the MS Nurse and she advised me to start taking the Pregabalin again and just play around with the dose to see what works best. I did this and found if I took 25mg on an evening and then take an additional 25mg if symptoms flared up. This has been working well until the last few weeks. I have now gone back to how I was when I was 1st diagnosed. I’m just waiting for a call back from my MS nurse who was on A/L last week.
After all that I will finally get to the point. Has anyone experienced this before and if so was it just a case of increasing your meds and how long did it take to improve.
If you have got to the end of this without getting bored thank you

Hello. Welcome. I was initially dx in 2001 after temporarily losing vision in one eye to opitic neuritis, the previous year. The constant pins and needles is my warning sign of a heavy relapse and I need to go in search for another prednisolone top-up; it’s not that often but only occasionally, I can usually ride out a light relapse with painkillers and physio. Thanks for sharing ramblings with me, best regards.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I have now seen my MS Nurse and she has upped my Pregabalin to 100mg a day and has requested new MRI scans and blood tests.
She thinks because of my new symptom of balance and not been able to walk that the MRI will show new legions. It is just a waiting game now.
I will say that I am starting to get a bit down with it at the moment but I think that is down to it never been this bad before and the worry that i might not get my mobility back. It just seems quite overwhelming at the moment.
However this forum has helped a lot and it makes you feel like you aren’t alone
Thank you once again


No you’re not alone, we’re all in the same boat; the trick is trying to stay afloat. :sailboat:

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