Hello -am I allowed a rant please?

Hi All So sorry not been around. Hope you are all OK Need a rant about several things gs … Pretty bad at the moment. Losing use of both ha ds. Sorry à out typing. Wearing a support on ô e hand and one ankle. The ankle is weak a d goes over. Cog probs atrocious. Brain is so sore fog is bad. Sleep a lot. First rant … People saying I am not disabled!! Close family. Saying I am talking myself into being handicapped! !!! Got to not focus on having g ms!! Got to get on with life more and put up better fight … How do you explain? Had a car a week or so ago. Not driving. I was the passenger but it was my car. My car that was an expensive present to myself when I lost my job due ms. We pushed the boat out. Car à write off. I suffered injuries which I still have. Badly bruised sternum affect g breathing still and other things. Insurance will only give me a 3rd of the price and I am very upset and annoyed. Being told by all. Get over it. Only a car. Which I totally agree with. We walked away. We could easily have been very badly hurt. Very lucky. But. It was my car. Loads of extras. I loved driving it. Now can’t afford another one. May be an older very basic car. Even been suggested we dont get me another car. We share his big van wbich I love to drive but cant park easily as too big with no rear vision. But I just have to forget about it!!! I am so mad with it all st the moment. Feel like no one in my life u dersta ds how difficult 5his all is right now. Hope you can read this. Have to sign off. Thanks for reading. Anne X On inzurance

That meant to read had a serious car accident a week or so ago !!!?

Hi Anne,

I haven’t got any time now, but I’ll make an effort to get back to you tomorrow morning. I just couldn’t pass by.

You sound like you’ve got a world of trouble to deal with. You have your rant.


Anne, this is the place to rant. I can feel your anger and frustration. Sometimes the best way to deal with the nonsense is to just shout. It is really disheartening when people close to you don’t seem to understand. Using the MS web site can help explain our symptoms.

Best wishes, Steve.

Oh Anne,

From one to another keep ratting, oops, I mean ranting of course?!! I know how difficult it is to keep it together when all around are maybe listening but not really hearing you. Sometimes they don’t want to hear as it may hurt. Rant away m’dear - as much as you want. If we could we’d stamp and scream “listen to me please. Can’t you hear what I’m saying?”.

Apart from the nearly very serious accident I’m sure the impact will have left your MS dealing dealing with physical trauma as well as emotional turmoil. How do we manage these things on top of losing yet another aid to our independence - namely our very own wheels? I don’t know - only time will tell.

It will take time for all your nearest and dearest and you too to allow the dust to settle and then you will be able to take stock and look at what can be done to take a few more steps forward.

I hope these few words help you in some small way.

Yours, Anne

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Oh Anne, I am so sorry to read this.

About the accident…was it the other drivers fault? If so can’t you claim against them, so you can buy another car?

And as for everyone telling you to ‘get over it’…they have no bloody idea how it feels to be disabled and isolated with no wheels.

Sometimes people either fail to see the obvious, or they just can’t cope with a problem! Those folk are not worth trying to explain to.

I hope your injuries heal soon and you find the strength to battle on.

Much love Pollxx

Anne, So sorry to hear you have had an accident and your car is a write off. Firstly, never take the first offer the insurance company makes. They will try it on. And you do have the option of buying back your car - sometimes it is worth repairing so get advice from a car mechanic/body repairer you trust.

All this will have an effect on your stress levels - which we know plays havoc with our MS. So as soon as you can get a result that suits you - all the better.

l have heard of people actually getting more money back then they paid for their car in the first place - not if it was a brand new car - as you lose so much value the minute you drive it out of the show-room.

Pick a time you are feeling more in control - and give the insurance people a ring. Make it clear that the sum they are offering is not acceptable. Another tip - is they always give their name when they answer - make a note of the name - and keep using it - makes the call more personable.

As you were injured in the accident - the police have to be informed. You then have chance of claiming compensation from the other driver if it was their fault.

You are all such kind people. Thank-you so much for getting back to me. The insurance people won’t budge on how much we will get back. Just have to accept we are going to get a 3rd back and get a much older car. I am getting there but still tearful when I think about it all … Just had two friends stay. It all was far too much for me. They are very loud personalities!! As I have quite severe cog probs now I just couldn’t take it. Had to keep going to bed. One of them was good about helping but the other one didn’t help me at all. Had to make 2 different meals cos they are strict vegans. Now got my house back. Bliss. I don’t mean to sound mean.I have changed a lot and so have my needs.I can’t take noise, heat, etc etc. A question though. They came for 4 full days. All the meals at our house.Booze etc. They didn’t offer to contribute at all when we did the food shopping. Now this is not a reciprocal thing. I don’t go and stay at their house. In the old day’s we spent weekends at otbers’houses and they came to ours. No one paid because it all evened out. You don’tdo you? But this is different. They have very well paid jobs. I am on a small medical pension. This is the 4th time they have been. I would offer to pay wouldnt you? Am I being horrible. ? Anyway days in bed now cos I am wiped out. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Anne x

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Oh Anne, i feel so sad for you…its enough that you’ve had a terrible week… what with your car accident and the stupid insurance company, i feel so sorry and so cross that your friends have taken advantage of you … I see myself in you i’m constantly pushing the limits and as i often say pretending to be " normal " unfortunately some people will let you, i always loved having friends around and having teenagers they often want friends around or i’ll have my son and his new inlaws …i’m Crazy as Lee often tells me. Iv’e always wanted to be kind and want to feel as if i’m still needed but as much as i pretend… i can’t fool my body, sometimes i feel lousy. and i feel used or unappreciated… then the depression and tears usually follow.

Sending a virtual Hug xxx

Michelle and Frazer

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Michelle. Virtual hugs back to you and Frazer. I can see you understand. Thank-you. Anne x