Hedge 2012

Today is the day I am trimming my hedge. Not a difficult job, but for someone who has balance problems and is not sure footed, wielding an electric hedge cutter which is operated with two hands, two or three steps up my step ladder - it’s another job like changing the double duvet cover and these are some of the most challenging jobs I find myself doing.

Hi there!

I can understand exactly how much of an effort this has become (…my own balance issues now make it very difficult to climb a paltry 2-step indoor mini-ladder just to change a light-bulb!).

Do take it easy and please don’t expect too much of yourself. Perhaps setting yourself much smaller targets before treating yourself to a break might be helpful ?

Good luck, be careful and for heaven’s sake take plenty of time !!


Hello josefkloz1702 I know how you feel, I dread summer since I stopped being able to do these jobs myself. In the winter the hedge trimmer goes in the shed. I am lucky that my nephew will do it for me now & I have not got the added expense of having to pay someone to do it for me. Also at this time of the year the hedge & the grass seem to grow very fast. As soon as you get it done it needs doing again in a month or less. I know I probably dont need to tell you, but be carefull & good luck.

You never know maybe one of the nieghbours will see you struggling & offer to help.


Ha! The neighbours can see me struggling, but I am not a pretty woman so thay leave me stuggling!!

bugger it . THEY. I can spell!

Hi Josefkloz,

I wish you very good luck with the hedge, and if I lived down your road I would do it for you, but as I am not, I will just mention that there is a spray you can get (already mixed in a plastic spray bottle I think) called Cutlass (not too sure about the spelling, but a garden centre could point you in the right direction) that stunts the growth of a hedge. Our elderly neighbour used to use this and it was ideal for him as he wasn’t as fleet of foot as he used to be. The chemical is a great invention.

Best of Luck,


Dear Moira

Thank you for your suggestion. It is done now - but I have a fairly large back garden too, so more of the same tomorrow. Luckily I managed the front hedge without drama or coming down the steps the quick way!

Now there is some wine somewhere…



I’ve sorted the duvet problem,it’s on as a reply here somewhere but cenkfuos where.


Are you trying to kill yourself?!?

You going up a ladder, which you are likely to fall while you do it.

You are going to stand on the ladder where you are likely to lose your balance and fall off.

You are going to hold something heavy in both hands, which makes things much harder.

Then you are going to wave around something which could cause you serious harm if any of the first three things happen.

Get someone else to do it for you, please!

I don’t do much in the garden any more - I try to get rid of weeds aroung the front of our house. 10 minutes and I’m knackered and wobbling all over the place. I am putting off paying someone to do the gardening - my OH is too busy to do it. Especially this time of year as he gets hay fever. I’m ashamed to admit that we need help. And even more ashamed of needing help to clean the house.

Seriously, though, I hope you get your hedge done without any problems. I used to help my Mum do hers many years ago with hand shears which is really not fun! She has a hedge trimmer and someone to do it for her now :slight_smile:

Next time it needs trimming, why not ring the council? Our`s has a handy person service. My neighbour uses them to do her garden…about £10 a time. Worth every penny if the alternative could be a trip to A & E, eh?

luv Pollx