Heat problems

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this forum. A few years back I was told I possibly had MS due to some small white matter lesions. Other tests were inconclusive. One of the things that caused me to see a neurologist in the first place was the fact that my foot burned painfully after showering. Just recently I’ve really been struggling if I get hot suddenly, either from exercising or a sudden change of temperature. It’s so bad I struggle to cope especially if I’m at work I get shaky and weak and my brain fog gets really bad. After I also have bad bouts of fatigue that I have to sleep as I’m so dizzy. Once I get back to normal temperature I feel ok. Has anybody else in limbo suffered any similar experiences?

Yes I get this but not all the time , it’s humidity as opposed to dry heat … it’s hard in limbo … I was there was for 10 years …

Yes I get this but not all the time , it’s humidity as opposed to dry heat … it’s hard in limbo … I was there was for 10 years …

It sounds like you’re suffering pseudo relapses. It feels like a relapse but fades within a day. Pseudo relapses are commonly brought on by an increase in core temperature. This could be caused by a fever, a hot bath or shower, exertion, being in a hot room, or being out on a hot day.

Different people probably have different triggers. Hot showers are one of mine, so I avoid having the water too hot. It might be a good idea if you figure out your triggers and try to avoid them. Exercise more gently, for example. If it’s affecting your work you may need to talk to the Personnel/Human Resources department.

Limbo can be tough, especially if you’re suffering from something that affects your life in this way. Mention these pseudo relapses to your neurologist. They may give additional evidence for a diagnosis.

Uhthoffs is a very common MS symptom, or Uhthoff's symptom - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia and as already said the thing to do is keep away from hot baths or something that triggers it.

So you must get as smelly as possible; not really try showers. Unfortunately the weather you can’t do much about. England or especially Bali is very humid heat and unbearable. Yet Spain; Portugal is a dry heat and great!


Thank you for your replies. It’s hard to know for sure what’s happening and maybe I’ll never find out. Some people have said it must be the menopause as I’m at that age but this only happens after exercise or sudden rising of temperatures. It seems to have calmed down a bit now but I also did sleep a lot as I was feeling exhausted from it.

I am also affected by the hot weather Leyla. I get very weak and my core muscles fail to hold my back straight. Reading old posts in this forum has led me to Uhthoffs symptom mentioned by George above, and the possibility it is due to the effect of heat on partially demyelinated nerves. Reducing my core body temperature with a cool shower does seem to drastically improve my mobility so that has been may main line of attack. I am also trying to keep my muscles strong with frequent short exercises suggested by a physiotherapist. I have researched cooling vests and air conditioners but am not yet convinced they will be worth the large expense.I am moving towards the idea of replacing my fan with a portable air conditioner.

Also, a few years ago I was getting a painful burning sensation in my feet when they got too warm, just like you describe. I too thought it might be the menopause and my GP prescribed HRT. I’m on that now but still suffering from the extreme sensitivity to elevated core body temperature. So my quest for a solution continues… Good luck with yours Leyla.

Hi i dont like summer because of the humidity …weak …brain fog…walking difficult…cooler weather better …

Hi Helen What you have said sounds so similar to me with the burning too. Also I get severe itching which is impossible to relieve by scratching. I’m also unsure about the menopause as I don’t get sudden hot flashes but I don’t take anything either. Have you been diagnosed at all. It’s really hard because other people don’t understand and I can’t just go off and cool myself down when I’m at work. Hope you find a solution.