Heat intolerance.

Hello multiple sclerotinisers,
Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather.
I took an extended cold shower, this morning, just to wake up my sluggish feeling limbs: is anyone else affected by heat intolerance, come the start of the summer season? :sun_with_face:


Crumbs, yes. I feel more disabled in summer than any other time because it is in summer that the gap is widest between my abilities and those of my peers. And it’s all about the heat.

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Doesn’t everyone?

I used to thrive in the heat but now get knocked out by it in the summer. This year and last my family took an overseas summer holiday without me - I just wouldn’t cope any more.

I keep several gel packs in the freezer for cooling down my head. Cool down your brain and the rest of your body can function.


Absolutely yes! A still, sunny day and anything much above 20C is a bad day for me (and it’s bad news for me when weather forecasters start talking about how the UK will ‘enjoy’ some good hot sunny days ).


The heat absolutely plays havoc with my MS, plenty water and sitting down quite often.
Love to all
Mary x

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The heat kills me, can’t sit in the sun any more, so shade, shade and more shade, my hubby has organised a summer house being built for me, work starts the 20th May, simple so I can be outside, but in, as I’m always just sat in out bungalow, so I’m hoping it works.


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Haven’t tried cooling just my head. Sounds like a good idea so thanks for that

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I have experienced three heatwaves this year, including one in Mexico and the second one in Greece, quite recently. The heat makes me so fatigued, it causes random twitches in my body, and the plegridy injection site does not react well to the heat. I am seriously thinking of having air con installed in the flat in England. When the temperature went up the other day, I went to the local swimming pool twice that day.

Yes, they refer to ‘enjoying’ the sunny days… thinking that people will sunbathe on the grass… anything like that would be dangerous for MSers. Extreme heat can even cause a flair up.

Indeed. I like cool autumn and spring days. Summer is just a time to ‘get through’ although living in Scotland it’s not too bad

Hi @muchthesamemuchness, yes, heat sensitivity is also one of my bugbears. Too hot or too cold, My legs feel really heavy, as though wading through thick mud! Also, the warm weather makes my legs generate goosebumps🤪 The irony is that I love pottering around in my garden, and I am currently Vit D insufficient, so sunlight exposure is just what the doctor ordered. However, doing so drives me mad as it’s so uncomfortable. Absolutely no rhyme or reason here.