Headaches - a treatment?

Hi My husband who has SP, has suffered from headaches for several years. He saw a neuro last week who has prescribed Nortriptyline. These are an antidepressant but are also used for neuro pain and apparently help with other pain too. He has a lot of pain especially lately in his arms and the neuro seemed confident they would help. He has been taking them for 6 days. 10mg increasing to a max of 30mg, side effects tiredness. He has described the effect so far as not getting rid of the headaches, but putting them more in the background. So there is hope. It did get me thinking however, in the past he has been told that the headaches are not MS related, yet this neuro did seemed to accep they they are. Personally I have always felt there was a link. I know others here have posted too, although I do understand that most people he headaches at some time, whether they have MS or not. The neuro was Italian, so I wondered if they have a different take. Some years ago I read a research paper on the net that did indicate there was a link with MS and headaches. Thought I would share this with others and wonder if anyone has similar experience? (My husband already takes Fluoxitine, Gabapentine etc. etc.)

I think a lot of neuros think that there isn’t a link between headaches and MS, but then there are also still neuros who think that “people with MS don’t get pain” :!: I get different types of headaches. Some of my headaches are due to my upper back condition, some are side effects of meds, some are migraine, some are just normal ones and some of them are definitely due to my MS because they are occipital neuralgia (which can be sharp or achey, throbbing pain usually on one side of the base of the skull/top of the neck that spreads towards the eye socket - for anyone interested). I once had what I assumed was a migraine that lasted the whole of October: it started on the 1st and stopped on the 31st. Weird! And, let’s face it, weird usually = MS! But my neuro of the time said, no, not MS. Which was contradicted by my next neuro who said, yes, could have been MS. Guess which one is the MS specialist… Incidentally, my mum, who doesn’t have MS, used to suffer from very bad headaches. They were getting worse so she asked her GP for stronger co-codamol. He suggested that the headaches might actually be caused by the codeine and put her on paracetamol only. It took a little while, but her headaches are very much better now! I hope the amitriptyline keeps helping your husband :slight_smile: Karen x