Head in hands baying in disbelief

Let’s laugh at the competitive sickies.

They are always worse off than us.

Best wishes

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thanks steve as always i can often see myself in the situations you write of. as the eldest of 3 i was shocked to hear that one sister was jealous of me for having a motability car. one of the things that helped me to accept my diagnosis was the thought that it was best that i had the ms rather than either sister. the jealous one is a great big drama queen and she wouldn’t cope with the indignity of incontinence. the other sis is such a sweetheart i couldn’t bear to think of her going through this shite. i love them both but i feel that i have summed it up well. sorry for going on as though it’s all about me it has done me good to get it off my chest though.

Carol - not sure how my message has got in the middle of yours - apologies!