Have I or Haven't I

Hello I feel like a bit of a fraud but I have had some symptoms over the past 10-12 years I never thought of MS but my GP did send me to the hospital about 5 year as I had paresthesia in my left leg for about 1 month but by the time I got the appointment it had gone. I also lost the central vision in my left eye in 2007 I went blind but the peripheral vision came back aftet about 5 weeks the central vision never did so everything is like looking at a photo negative with a smudge on it when this happend they did carotid artery scans which were clear, I had a few weird episodes as far back as 2000 there may have been others that I never noticed but on the 18th may 2012 in the afternoon just after my lunch I got really unsteady and got a terrible taste in my mouth, the bad taste lasted for 18 days during which time I couldnt eat very much or drink my favourite lemon tea and I also choked on some food I tried to eat but I do have swallowing issues have had for years so that part is irrelevant now the bad taste has passed but the unsteady sensation or as I like to call it bouncing off the walls has stayed not as severe but still there I had a similar sensation to this one in 2002 which lasted for about 4 weeks. apart from a bit of depression I feel ok. I spoke about my feelings to my asthma nurse but she said a lot of things cause these problems and that is why I feel like a fraud on this forum but I am just worried as I looked after my mum for years and she had MS and her mother was diagnosed late onset in her late 70’s she also had parkinsons with the MS anyway just wondered if anyone had any advice on what i should do and again sorry if this is all rubbish

Hello Mairead, it’s not rubbish! Your symptoms are quite different from mine but they are consistent with what others on her have described. My understanding is that with your mother and grandmother having MS your chances of having it are somewhat higher than for the general population. Sure, lots of things can cause these problems but you need to know why you personally are getting them. Why don’t you visit your GP and ask for a referral to have it all checked out properly? Best wishes, Lucy :slight_smile:

Hello, and welcome

You are definitely not a fraud and, while your asthma nurse is right, I’d quite like to shoot her!

The symptoms you’ve had and their pattern over time are consistent with MS. Your family history also increases the chances of it being MS (not by a massive amount, but it still counts). It might not be MS, but you should definitely get it investigated. So as Lucy’s already said, please see your GP and ask for a referral to neurology. If I were you, I would use the “Near me” function on here to find a local MS specialist before seeing the GP - so you can suggest who you would like to see. Don’t let your GP fob you off - they can be very good at it!

One thing to remember: if it is MS, you’ve had it a long time and you’re still doing OK. Having it investigated and potentially diagnosed isn’t going to change that. You’ll be OK!

Karen x

Hi Everyone, I first joined and posted here over a year ago and just an update I am still undiagnosed as every time my appointment for a neurologist got close it was cancelled as the hospital closet to me doesn’t do neurology appointments any more. I have had a few more little episodes but nothing serious and probably totally unrelated, for the past 10 days I have been very hoarse but don’t have a cold or sore throat, also my sciatica is incredibly painful right now sitting here typing with a hot water bottle on my upper thigh also about 6 months ago had a bad case of labyrintitis which I don’t even know what is really is and again I know it is unrelated just wanted to update you all

Hi Mairead, I’m a bit shocked that you still haven’t seen a Neurologist after all that! If I were in your position, I’d write all these things down in brief as a timeline, take it back to the GP and insist on that neurology appointment! I’m undiagnosed, awaiting my first neuro appointment soon. My symptoms only go back either 15 months or 5 years, maybe longer if I just count fatigue. You do sound worse off than I am but, if I may say, you also sound a little reluctant to receive help? I sincerely wish you all the best. Do get yourself looked at, won’t you? {Hugs}