Have I, Haven't I?

Hi all, I have no idea where to start? from the beginning I suppose but when was the beginning??? It all seems to be falling into place now. when I started to question things was after I perforated my ear drums though blowing my nose believe it or not. once ears were ok and i could hear again after going deaf for a mont I had a stabbing pain behind in my head so was sent for mri. whilst waiting for the results to come through i had been kicked off ESA which then depressed me more than i already was and i never went back to the results appointment. then 18 months passed and started getting a weak right arm and servere tightening and i returned to the docs for another reason as i scrapped a mole off my back and then asked about the results of the mri scan to which the doc replied by reading a letter from the hospital stating the scan picked up a non specific white matter of high intensity and a slipped disc at c6/c7 region. i then asked if thats the reason for my arm pain? He’s reply was go and see a physio to which i did. the physio took one look at me and i could tell he thought i looked fine. he asked lots of questions and was rushing through questions and answering them for me then he would look to me for a reply which i just completely got confused. until he started the physical side of things he then realised i wasnt pulling his leg and prescribed amertripline then that was that session over! the next time he wasnt so rushed but he still couldnt do anything physical to me so suggested acupuncture and to get an mri done again…omg after first session never again!!! so next visit to physio he asked a few more qs and i said about my bladder control and to his surprise i hadnt said anything before he sent me straight to a&e and they said wait for mri! i then had to see a neurologist to discuss if i needed one. once again this person was rushing through questions and done physical in two minutes flat, testing reflexes, pin prick test and a strength test. during the questions he asked how long the bladder control has been going on? i replied ‘years’ how many he asked? i still said years a long time now but he took it as i only meant a few years. i had mentioned the pins and needles numbness but feel i havent explianed enough. for at least 20 years i have suffered uncontrollable bladder the pins and needles servere back tightening and fatigue that come and go in stages. my memory lately and coordination and room spinning leg spasams and joint pain, weakness in legs and arms stiffness are getting beyound the joke. they have tried on pregablin and few other drugs that they perscricribe for ms to which because of side effects i cant take them. the doc has now put me on 3 more different drugs. i thought my bladder problem as i now know it is was down to to slipped discs in the lumber region but the results of the 2nd mri show no such problem in lower back other than narrowed space but i still have very bad lower back pain. the results still showed the disc bulge and they said i have degenerative disc disease and its pinching the nerves. i have read enough about c6c7 to know that it doesnt cause all of my other symptoms so on doing lots of research i keep coming back to ms. the dropping of things the numbness tingling bladder bowel control cognitive dissyness stifness…omg what is going on?

correction… thought my bladder problem as i now know it is was NOT down to to slipped discs in the lumber region

hello si

i can’t believe that you have had all these problems for so many years!

stoic of the year? decade?

you can self refer to the bladder and bowel foundation or you can ask your gp to refer you.

there are meds that can help.

make sure that you tell your gp all of your problems. it’s important to get it all on your medical records when you are awaiting diagnosis.

confusion affects most of us, especially in stressful situations such as neuro appointments. is there anyone that you could ask to go with you? this would be useful because listening to the neuro, answering the neuro, making notes, asking questions etc is much too much multi-tasking!

if you don’t know anyone suitable to take with you, ask your gp because there may be a volunteer service.

good luck

carole x