Have finished the dreaded DLA application!

Yes my friends. I have finished it.

I worked on it two days last week and yesterday and today. Many hours altogether but it is done!!!

Thank you for all your encouragement and advice. I think it’s ok. But I learned a lesson. When I get my PIP forms I’m going to ask for help. It was too confusing and emotional to do on my own. And way too exhausting!

I should have written on it, ‘You see those blotchy marks? Those are my blood, sweat and tears’!!!

Heat-wave is full-on in London.

Pat xx


Just realised it was 3 days last week… so five days in all.


Pat xx

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Well done Pat, rest now and try not to think about it until you get a response. I know that is easier said than done, but its no point stressing about things we have no control over. Wish I could take my own advice! Lol

Heatwave on here in Gloucestershire as well…sorry to all who like it, but I bloody detest it.

Another visit to MS nurse tomorrow, I am taking my anti depressants and 2 lots of high blood pressure tablets, so I hope he thinks I am “on the up” again.

Take care Pat, especially in this heat, all I have on iss a dress and Knicks, and even that feels too much.

Pam x

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Well done Pat. It’s always a relief.

Baking here in Sussex.

Steve x

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Well done. I’m glad it’s done

Sonia x


Hello Pat, I’m so glad its done…I was feeling the stress for you, next time see if you can get some help to fill it in.

Michelle x


Well done Pat. It’s always a relief to put it in the post box.

Summer has hit the Lakes too, sorry but I’m one of those that feels better in the heat so I’m a very happy person. Still get the fatigue but pain is much better. Getting ready to head south for my holiday next week.

Take care.

Cath x



Hope you can rest and relax today…you’ve certainly earned it!

Heat unbearable in Herefordshire ! If it goes on for too long I think I’m going to become an owl and sleep in the day and get up in the night when it’s cooler!

Cath like you I have less pain when it’s hot but I feel so much more ill. Hope you have a great holiday.

take care

Nina xx


Thank you all.

I woke up this morning and lay there trying to find the energy to get up (as you do) and then realised the form was done!!! What a fabulous feeling!

I’m going to be Mrs Mole today. Blinds down. Fan on (although not sure if moles actually have blinds or fans).

Keep cool everyone (except for you few strange ones who feel better in the heat!)

Love to all,

Pat xx


dont forget to photocopy it for yourself

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pleased you have got the dreaded PIP forms done Pat,i have just had a phone call from dhss asking me if i had recieved a letter about ESA i havent,dont know why it because it was posted on the 17th June…

anyway she went on to tell me the forms are being sent,i am so dreading them as i am feeling stressed to start with before i have to think about filling them in,i refuse to let it get to me,but i am sure it will do

i am always last in everything lol,theres been an ESA back log of 18 months,lol i wonder why .

its my bet next week i will get the b****y pip forms too,so i will have them both to fill in at once

J x

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Mrs J I have just answered your other post re ESA form… with lots of info.

Ask if you have any questions.

Pat xx

Well done Pat. Hope all goes well.

Dreading getting the P.I.P forms myself and as I can’t hold a pen, will have to find a willing volunteer to fill it in. My heartless **** of an ex filled in my DLA application for me. Hoping to have finished work by then so I can devote all my time to preparing it.

Still waiting for Atos to retire me on ill health grounds even though I got a letter from my doctor fully supporting it.

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dont think i am going to even bother filling the b*y esa forms in,they can stick there ESA where the sun dont shine,i am very stressed at the moment,and cant face it,just had endless forms to fill in for my daughter,endless forms for a a cancelled holiday,that i stupidly booked on a whim thinking i would be ok to go,i really have had enough of all this c

sorry for moaning,but enough is enough

J x

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Now Mrs J I know how you feel but you have to fill the form in. It’s money that you are entitled to!!!

Phone local Citizens Advice and ask them if someone can help you fill it in. Or if you have a local MS Society ask if somewhere there can help you.

We all know how hard these forms on BUT it has to be done!!!

It’s awful doing it but it will get done and it’s so worth it!

Deep breath… now think about who can help you.

Pat xx