Hate living in limbo.

I can’t say how much I hate being in limbo. I’m 31 and feel like I cannot make any plans for the future eg taking out a mortgage and starting a family and actually feeling confident about it. So many extra worries. I feel so trapped, feel like I can’t so anything with any confidence of it working out. Moan over, had to get it out.

I’m in limbo too and have been now for over a year. I’m 39, I have a family (and a mortgage) and two small seedling one-woman businesses. I know that trapped feeling. However, please don’t feel that being in limbo means you have to press Pause on your life. What is really important to you? Work on that, a little bit every day. My motto has become ‘I do what I can with what I’ve got’. There’s a brilliant speech by the comedian Tim Minchin that I feel puts life into a clear and comforting perspective. I hope this helps: This Is The Most Inspiring Yet Depressing Yet Hilarious Yet Horrifying Yet Heartwarming Grad Speech - Upworthy Wishing you well :heart:

Hey, if you come out of limbo and get diagnosed with MS then what is actually going to be different for you?

You will get a Dx that is for sure, but will your life change that much straight away? probably not. You will probably be able to do the same things as you can at the moment, you will only have the official title, which is crap but its a title, which a lot of people long for, when they don’t kow whats wrong with them but suspect MS.

You will still have the same dreams and aspirtions, you will have the same doubt and not knowing of the future, which by the way, nobody knows what will happen to them. Even healthy people!

What you need though is to look at what you want from life and go for it, dont worry to much about the future, there isnt a great deal you can do about it. Look at what you have got, tell people you love them and learn to love the world you live in more.

My MS DX turned my life upside down but it also gave my life a reboot and enabled me to look at what I had and the things I could do and appreciate that. It has even been the catalyst for my wife and I to start a family.

Limboland does suck A$$, but sometimes the not knowing can be comforting.

I am 39, don’t have a mortgage, but will do one day along with a child. These are my dreams and this is my goal in life, with or without having MS.

As Matt Damon has just said on the TV, “Lifes not about when you get knocked down, lifes about what you do when you get back up”.

Love and hugs to you.

Hi anon. I spent many years in and out of limbo and kind of still am there. So I do know how you feel hun.

My current diagnosis isnt a full and clear one. All I know for sure now is that I dont have MS, but an equally disabling condition.

Please dont give up on your dreams. Life with a dx of MS can still be a very good one. It isnt a terminal illness, so make your plans, carry them out and try to enjoy life. We`re only here once, so we need to get the best out of life while we can.

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