Has anyone experience of Income Protection Insurance claims?

Hello, I was diagnosed with RRMS middle of last year (at age 56) and since my initial event in Sept 2020 have been carrying out light desk type duties on a restricted basis from home partly due to COVID-19 work from home advice.

My main persisting symptoms are visual disturbances, vertigo, nausea when moving and migraines, all of which I have never fully recovered from my initial event. I find screen work difficult due to eye strain and walking difficult due to vertigo and resulting nausea. My lesions are in my brain stem and fortunately spine is clear, so my limbs function as normal, but I feel permanently drunk (even though I am teetotal)

I have access to my employer’s group income protection insurance with Unum which states “A member is incapacitated if they are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of their insured occupation because of illness of injury”

However, the policy condition definition states: “Severe and progressive neurological or muscle wasting diseases, including but not restricted to Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease, with objective clinical neurological findings and a confirmed medical diagnosis”.

Since “Severe” seems very subjective, I am trying to assess my chances of a successful claim based upon experience others may have had. Or if anyone knows what constitutes “Severe”

Any comments or thoughts would be very welcome.

Hi Silverfox, I don’t have personal experience of Income Protection Insurance as I’ve had MS since childhood so never been eligible. But if you have a lesion in your brain stem and a firm diagnosis of MS then I feel that could be classed as severe. MS is a progressive neurological condition bereft of a cure. It terms of employment you outline some symptoms that are curtailing your ability to perform as you have previously been able to do.

I’d put in an application and see what the outcome is after all what have you got to lose now - life is too short and if you can get help from this source then its worth a try. Have you looked into claiming PIP as well as that might be another way forward for you (on top of your insurance claim).