Has anyone else had ON as first and second flare up symptoms?

I got a first episode of Optic Neuritis about 5 years ago and a second episode in January this year but in the opposite eye (about 4.5 years apart). Had a MRI after each one and they showed brain lesions in both (last one showed de-active/old lesions but also some new ones). First episode showed inflammation in affected optic nerve.
The problem that I’m scratching my head on is that if I didn’t jog on a regular basis, it’s possible I wouldn’t have noticed it or would have associated it with a neuro condition but rather just exercising too hard. Neurologist reckons I could have had ON for at least 6 months before I recognised it visually. I also didn’t experience any pain whilst visual field was normal each time, as was my vision with opticians (no change to eyes besides astigmatism). I’ve also had no other symptoms.
I just wonder if anyone else had this when they were first diagnosed/suspected of having ms and how you have been since then? I am aware everyone is different but just want to see compare and contrast

Not totally sure what your question is but I had optic neuritis as my first symptom- it was that which led to the MRI and subsequent diagnosis. However, in my case the ON was quite definite/ no mistaking it - I lost just about all vision in my right eye. The vision returned over the next few months although not fully/perfectly, and some months (6?) later I developed problems moving my right leg. 18 years since diagnosis the problems with the right leg are worse ( can still walk but only for 10minutes or so) but other than that plus bouts of MS Fatigue and some bladder control issues, I’m not too bad

I don’t know what the answer is. What I can say from personal experience is that things can go pretty radically awry with vision without our realising it (not ON in my case, although I’ve had that too). What we ‘see’ is the product of incoming data processed by the pattern-recognition and prediction machines that are our brains, and they can fill in a lot by guesswork, very convincingly, even when the incoming data is ropey. Secondly and separately, CNS symptoms notoriously get worse when the system is overheated – something to do with temperature interfering with nerve conduction, I believe, although I don’t understand it – and so being overheated can cause to temporarily reveal itself damage that otherwise isn’t obvious. In the days before MRIs, I understand that suspected MS patients were sometimes dunked in a hot bath for that reason – it helped with diagnosis. I imagine that exercise exertion snd the overheating that arises from it can have a similar effect.