Happy New Year folks

Yep it’s 2016 already, I was just getting used to it being 2015 and along comes another year.

Well enough of me griping on

HHaHapHappHappy Nnnew Year

Happy New Year Don may it bring us only good news.

Jan x

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Happy New Year Don!

Pat xx

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Happy New Year Don


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Thanks guys, had an amazing day involving two currys lots of red wine plus nerf guns and a game called pie face which you get pelted with squirting cream. Has lots of excited kids most of them over the age of twenty five!!!

Been a brilliant day. XXX



Hello Don.

That sounds like an excellent day. I’ve heard about that pie face game. Give us a couple of years and our Rose will be right into that sort of stuff. Yesterday she sat in the back of the car and spent 5 hours watching wall to wall Postman Pat. What did she want for her telly fix today? Postman Pat!

Happy new year, Steve.

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right back at ya kid!


Happy New Year everyone, hope 2016 is a good one.

Pam x

Happy New year Don. I responded to your list earlier but must have logged off before posting.

Yes I’m also hoping for a better year. If that’s not possible I hope that this year goes as quickly as the last one did.

Take care

Cath xx

Happy NewYear, Don. The kids were speaking about that game. fun.

Mags xx

Happy New Year everyone. I have slept almost twenty hours today recovering from all

The high jinks of yesterday. I wish you all a great 2016 and as I read somewhere we are now closer to 2030 than the millennium scary how fast time flies. So enjoy every second it’s precious.

Love you all XXX Don

omg Don it certainly is scary

WHY does time fly when you re older, the older we get the more it flies by, anyone know why ? lol

Happy new year !!

J x