hangovers no more

I have noticed that I no longer have a hangover…OK do not consume nearly as much as I once did but can have full bottle of wine with no hangover…do take meds including capoxone etc and have spoken to another mser who is the same…in one way great but know not good!

trouble is that hangovers are too like fatigue!

i feel hungover without a drink :frowning:

carole x

Interesting. . Used to have terrible hangovers but not so much even though I drink more. Also on copaxone… Tried to cut down then realised I couldn’t give a shit. Kudos to you guys that want to make a go of it but the sooner the better as far as i’m concerned. Will still fight people that piss me off but would prefer just to go to sleep.

I don’t seem to get them either. Reality suggests I’m due the odd one but I’m not unhappy about it.

I drink a lot less than I did say ten years ago but do I like to fill my boots occasionaly.