Drunk quicker

Is it normal too feel more drunker thsn usual?

I felt really drunk after two pints?

That’s something that eventually happened with me - having a pint was like having ten, and not in a good way : )

I know many others who can drink without any bother, but I decided to quit. Admittedly, my health was going downhill quite quickly then, so that may have made the problem worse. I’m much more stable now, so may be able to tolerate it better, but I’ve not tested it.I’ll have the occasional sip of someone else’s though, just to remind me of how nice it a good beer can taste.


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and what about the hangovers?

a good night out means that the next 2 days are cancelled.

the price of being a cheap date eh?

carole x

Hangovers are awfull it is my medications

i could never drink at the best of times now forget it

Hangover from hell usually is the case now for this 45 year old male with MS…but i do like the occasional tipple…absentinence may be the key and less alcohol makes me drunk nowadays…