Handy little cleaning device !!!

Just thought i would share this, i bought a g-tech power sweeper from argos, and what a surprise i got, i dont have to use my vacum much at all now,its the best £70 i have spent in a long time,i read the reviews and decided to get one, i just wish i had bought one sooner,as i found vacuming was becoming near impossible,its so good for people with ms and good for the elderly too, i wouldnt be without mine now.

Hi Jaki,

I have a hand held little hoover which can be used for wet and dry vacuming, I zoom around with it for 5 mins and all is done to my satisfaction. Im so thrilled for you, its good to find something which is light and we are able to use without expending too much energy.

Now where else needs cleaning (:o)

Thanks for sharing.



You couldn’t pop round and do my stairs could you?

I have a Henry which is very easy to use, but husband has to do the stairs, hence the dirt.xxjo

I’ll have your services too haha!!! Housework is my arch nemesis!!! Ophelia.xx

Add me to your list please!



Ha ha, anyone would think i was houseproud, wouldnt they ? not anymore though,just an expert in finding a way round things nowdays,cant use the normal vac anymore, too heavy,but found the gtech really easy to use,it even has a small handle to use to clean your stairs too.

and another, the Karcher window vac, brilliant bit of kit