Had enough today

I feel so unhappy to have MS today - awkward and anxious all the time :frowning: my sensory symptoms have changed again, with itchy creepy crawling feelings across my body and face replacing the buzzing in my feet. I just don’t understand why it is doing this! Does it mean more damage is being done?? Or is this just what happens?? Got appointment with disease modifying drugs clinic in jan, but no MS nurse yet. Stuff for working from home delivered yesterday - I feel so ashamed about that, I know I shouldn’t but it makes me feel so small. This is a rant, sorry. It is a real struggle to be positive with other people sometimes. I just want to listen to my audio book in bed, yet I want to do so much more with my life :frowning:

So sorry you are having a rough day Becca and yet you took time out to reply to my query. Thank you so much, it means all the more knowing what you’re going through.

There is no shame in having to work from home though girl! You kick ass (oops, am I allowed Mr Moderator? ) with your determination to carry on when many today have absolutely no interest in earning an honest wage despite no health concerns or other restrictions.

My middle age venture to college is/was my ‘now or never’ attempt to satisfy my artistic ambitions and release me from an unfulfilling job to which I am determined not to return full-time if I cannot continue on my college course. I’m wondering if home study would suit me better but obviously there are financial costs to consider there too.

Maybe there is an online or home study course in a field of interest to you Becca and I believe most allow you to work at a pace to suit each individual.

In the meantime, I hope your audio book is absolutely rivetting and and soothes your spirit for a little while at least.


I live in a small town and we have a library at the end of our backstreet, so for me every friday at 10 to 1pm I go out the back gate sway my way up to the library door up the backstreet unseen, wait for it to open as they shut for lunch and sit with a group of people and paint watercolours. We have a wonderful local artist who roams our area looking for differant venues, to hold his art class’s. One of his sessions was held in a room at the back of a very old church and we had to walk through a misty graveyard to get to it. One session Malcolm slipped with a bang as the stone slabs we walked on where icy and slippy. He is a gem, he charge’s us £10 and provides us with all the equipement we need, so I can go up empty handed which makes life even easier. He goes as far as Barnoldswick, I have put his web address below.

Its my guilty pleasure.


Thanks so much for your comments. I had a better day today and now feel ok about slowing right down for the evening. There is a constant balance to be struck between ‘too much’ and doing enough to keep yourself fulfilled. Got me thinking about doing some art - I know I enjoy it but keep finding lots of other things that should be done first. Got to be good therapy.! The watercolour set up sounds great, especially with all the kit provided. Best wishes to you both xxx

Hi xxx

I currently work very part time hours (about 6!) at work, and do a fair bit of working from home - you are not alone here xxx although it has pretty snazzy perks sometimes (working in pjs and slippers is quite nice sometimes!!!) - I know exactly what you mean about feeling isolated, frustrated or unfulfilled at times. It is difficult. x

One thing I have discovered is MOOCs. (Mass Open Online Courses). They are free, and you can work through them at your own pace. Really wide range of courses, usually a-level / uni kind of level, delivered by international universities - but single modules, so you can dip in and out of different subjects. You do get certificates at the end, but tbh they dont count for anything - it is just learning for interest / fun / personal development. I think they are really good for exploring possible options for future study or career changes. They are done through video lectures… some homework (but very minimal, and no penalties if you dont do it - you still get to continue the course). So far I have done a 12 week course in nutrition (actually really informative, v interesting!), and a 16 week course in European history, and I am about to start a module in physics (quite a challenge for me, as I am not v good at maths, so will need to brush up my skills). They are free, you work at your own pace, no penalties if you miss a week or two (or four or five!!!) - but also pitched at a high enough level to be interesting. Also, most of the courses have interactive elements (group forums, chatrooms, etc, so you can really get quite involved if you want too). Quality varies a lot - some course are not so good, but others are brilliant - but since they are all free, you can sign up for as many as you like, give them a go, and just drop out of any that you dont enjoy. I love them! if you’re interested, have a look at coursera.com or MOOC list.

just added those two web addess’s to my fav’s. thanks for sharing