Had enough today

I feel so unhappy to have MS today - awkward and anxious all the time :frowning: my sensory symptoms have changed again, with itchy creepy crawling feelings across my body and face replacing the buzzing in my feet. I just don’t understand why it is doing this! Does it mean more damage is being done?? Or is this just what happens?? Got appointment with disease modifying drugs clinic in jan, but no MS nurse yet. Stuff for working from home delivered yesterday - I feel so ashamed about that, I know I shouldn’t but it makes me feel so small. This is a rant, sorry. It is a real struggle to be positive with other people sometimes. I just want to listen to my audio book in bed, yet I want to do so much more with my life :frowning:

Hello Becca Sorry your feeling so down…I know how you feel. I just go with it and know it will pass. If your concerned about the change in symptoms make an appointment with your gp or better still contact MS nurse. Just ring neuro department at your hospital and ask to speak to the nurse, that’s what I did. Don’t feel ashamed asking for work at home…be proud that your making choices that are right for you at this time in your life. Chill out and listen to your audio book in bed and enjoy it…I’m sure you’ll do much more with your life. It’s just a case of making some adjustments. Try and stay positive, xxx