Had a dream

I had a dream last night and dreamt I was diagnosed with MS. Hope that doesn’t mean I will be. I really want the next 2 weeks to go really quickly.

Im getting really fed up of getting stabbing pains in my right knee. And not knowing the cause of it. I’ve had an mri and it came back clear so somethings causing it. Looking at the symptoms of MS it comes under musculoskeletal pain.

It’s upsetting my husband cos he can’t do anything to help me.

hey donna don’t go fretting about the worse case scenario coming true. worry doesn’t affect the outcome. of course it could well be something else entirely. husbands like to mend broken stuff, my husband has given up trying to fix ms because he knows it bugs me. give him a big hug. wishing you a good outcome carole x

Thank you Carol. Yeah your right it’ll be what it’ll be at the end of the day. Can’t change it.