Gym :-)

Hi all, I did it yippee :slight_smile: I haven’t been sleeping at all well this week probably seen some of my very early morning posts. But when I sort of came too this morning I was determined to go the gym. Wow I feel really good for actually going and do a workout - well most people wouldn’t say they had been to the gym on what I did. But too me I feel like I have done a massive thing. I was very anxious about it all but soon as I was discussing things with the trainer I realised how pleased I was with myself for managing to do 10 minutes on the exercise bike in a 30 minute period. Then moved onto a couple of machines for the poor old legs - well I can’t complete the full action and have no weights but I could do some action which will improve. Made sure I had lots of rest in between. I think I was in there for over an hour and new it was time to stop as that was enough for the visit. I asked about taking my scooter for my next visit to actually get there instead of having to ask my mum to take me. They said it wouldn’t be a problem. One thing that I found the most challenging was where to put the crutches whilst on the machines as I put them on the floor then I couldn’t reach them managed to start to find ways to prop them up without interfering with the machines. Thanks guys for all your support and encouragement to my last post. Hopefully this is going to be a start of being able to get out to meet people without having to have someone else with me. Making me feel more independent. Plan my next visit for Thursday. I now even feel I could go and only do 5 minutes but it would be good for me. Sorry for the long post I am just feeling so happy with my little self :slight_smile: Polar Bear forgot about power plate but will ask about that for the future. Nearly forgot about scooter stupid MS forgetfulness :frowning: Barney

Barney Great mate , good for you next thing you know you’ll be knocking around with Jodie marsh lol Keep at it Gray

Thanks guys. It’s been a tough week but actually feel like I can have more to life than work.

Well done Barney. You may say that to ‘most people’ it would not be much but we all are not ‘most people’. You are making a huge effort to do exercise outside your normal routine and that is what counts. Your body is trying something new and that will have an effect.

Keep going, even if you feel like you can’t be bothered. You will soon learn when your body is actually tired and when you are just being lazy. I usually find if I am just being lazy and I make myself go then I can have a really good workout. But do listen to your body. If you are fatigued then have a break.

Take care

JBK xx

Thanks JBK I plan to go twice a week at the moment. As I know I can make myself go if not feeling that inspired. Then increase once I am managing it with more ease. Don’t want to be too ambitious to start with. Barney

Hi everyone, I’m new to posting . been reading posts since neuro dropped bombshell out of the blue in Febthis yyear . refused to believe it until diagnosis letter arrived in June. Go has filled in one of those health wise forms for me to go to the local gym . my problem is I was never committed to exercise and now I’m petrified of making an idiot of myself by not understanding instructions,being generally useless or wrecking myself by not knowing my limits.

How do I stop myself from chicken in Out?


Hi guys,been reading posts for a while and finally decided to reply . only diagnosed in June and still coming to terms . Gp has given me health wise for for gym cos she thinks it will help with depression. Scared about making a fool of myself or overdoing it and suffering for it.


Keep it up Barney! Just been out for a cycle ride with the children, weird when I used to be able to do the London to Brighton ride, 4 whole miles and i’m knackered but happy!


Hi teebird, I was referred to the gym initially because of depression long before I was dx with MS. They will have a meeting with you to start with and discuss the different options, then they work out a programme for you they will show you how to use everything. I was really scared when I went first but soon got used to it, it really did help with the depression. I was worried about going back I hadn’t been for over 12 months and now on crutches thought people would stare but they don’t some are so wrapped in there exercise you could fall off or over and they wouldn’t even notice. You will be amazed at the different levels of fitness of people attending, there will be others there as well that have been referred by GP. The gym staff will support you lots, I would just suggest you start off slow and gradually increase the amount you do over time. I was worried about over doing it when I went on Saturday as I am my own worst enemy for pushing myself but I knew when I had done enough. Remember to be realistic and the programme the gym will set will assist you in not over doing it. Remember to tell them about the MS as well as depression so they work out what is best for you. Go for it, you will be amazed at what difference it makes. Once you have gone through the doors you will be fine. Good luck Chris - thanks this disease can be so frustrating but 4 miles is still good. Barney

Well done Barney

I’ve given up comparing myself to ‘most people’ now. When we know how much effort it takes to do something, then we deserve a pat on the back and a ‘well done’ because we have made a much greater effort than ‘most people’.

I’ve recently made it back to yoga classes after two disabling relapses this year and I know I look ridiculous compared to ‘most people’ in the class even those older than me, but I know I am doing my best and I’m feeling really pleased with myself just for going along and giving it a good go. I can feel it working as well :slight_smile:

Here’s to many more successful visits to the gym, keep listening to your body and take it steady

Tracey xx

Well done Barney :slight_smile:

I used to teach classes on a Saturday afternoon and there was a guy in a wheelchair used to work out around a similar time to my class so I always used to see him and have a chat (I believe he had a motorbike accident but was previously very active). He used to seriously punish himself in the gym, he made me feel like my classes were a piece of cake in comparison and he was truly amazing - anyway, obviously what with all the silly symptoms MS throws at you, don’t overdo it!

I think it shows that our workouts are quite personal to us individually. A good gym is going to support that too. My imagined workouts are looking a bit weird right now (simply becuase putting one foot in front of the other is tough) but I’m still planning and will get back on that pole somehow.

Sonia x

Thanks for all the encouragement and it is good to here others experiences . Had to take day off work today but don’t think that is related to my visit to the gym. Had run out of gabapentin the other day and haven’t been able to sleep because of the crawling sensations. Barney

Thanks Barney,you have demystified it for me . Not so scared now


Glad I could help.

Well done Barney. It’s so good to hear you’re getting on so well, I’m really happy for you Mini x

Thanks Mini. How are you doing?

Hi Barney! just read your thread. That’s fantastic news! Just remember that ‘from tiny acorns, mighty Oaks will grow’. Your fitness will improve and from that, the length of time you can spend on the gym equipment. Keep up the good work. Trust me, you will reap the rewards! Well done. Tracyann x