Gym? Waste of time and money?

I’ve got RRMS. I’m a very keen hill walker, and have been for decades, long before this ‘inconvienience’ :twisted: was diagnosed. Obviously therefore, my leg power and general fitness is very importnat to me, but one of my main symptoms is the dreaded tingling and dead legs…left mainly. This in fact along with the tingling left hand side of my face is what prompted me to go and see the doc. in the first place back in 1996. Anyway, I’ve been pretty pleased with my management of this wretched illness, no medication, just loads of excercise and fruit etc… Howver, the legs have been slowly getting weaker, so to hopefully reverse this, I joined a gym in April and have been going virtually every day since, tread mill walking, running, flat and inclines, leg weight lifting, and a bit of swimming. Lost about 1 stone too, so that’s also a bonus. My walking has as a consequence been a bit more enjoyable, so yesterday I decided to walk up Snowdon with the weather being so pleasant. I was however, dismayed, upset, and very angry with myself when I realised that it was just as much of a slow labouring and constantly stumbling drudge as it was the last time I went up ther in March. I was absolutely distraught and mentally destroyed by the time I eventually ‘crawled’ back into the car park 5 hours later. :x Therefore, what is the point in doing all this excercising in the gym if I’m not going to feel any benefit from it?

I believe work in the gym helps me to keep what I have for longer, so will continue for as long as I can. Sadly, MS will do its evil work despite how much effort you put in to prevent it. Lets face it climbing Snowdon is fine achievement regardless of MS and one you may rightly look back on with pride. I felt the same about Helvellyn ten years ago, but not now. Try posting on everyday living for a better response.

Thanks for that Wham’. Only realised that I’d posted this on the wrong board really after I’d sent it, doh. :oops: Any chance of a mod’ transferring it please? I shall resume my gym visits later on today. It’s taken me a full 36 hours to even start gaining the use of my legs properly again. I absolutely loathe and hate this illness. how DARE ir interfere with our lives. :twisted: At least I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones I suppose in that I can actually get out and about, so apologies to all of those that are obviously a great deal more worse off than me.

I have a book called ‘Exercise and MS’ which has a mantra - ‘maintenance is progress’ so I would say to you, ‘well done’ on your achievement with your Snowdon walk. And with your gym regime - keep it up, it can only do you good…

I think you should look on your snowdon walk as a good, no great achievement.

But as for the gym. Keep your money in your pocket, and exercise at home, you can then be smug, the next time you see the fat gym owner drive by in his expensive car, that you have not contributed to his lavish life style.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.