Exercising with jelly legs


I’m looking for a little advice from other people with MS that use the gym.

I have RRMS and have just come out of a stint of 18 months relapsing on and off, some being more sever than others, but that seems to be behind me now.

Feeling better, I have started using the gym again as I have missed it so much, but it’s not the same :frowning:

My legs seem to be weak. If I warm up on a machine, say the cross trainer, I need a break before I go to the next piece of equipment because as soon as I stop my legs have forgotten what to do. I can’t walk properly, they feel like jelly and as if they are about to give way. But after a few minutes I recover. Generally speaking, my legs are ok during the exercise too, until I hit that tired point.

I thought I’d put this to the test and went to a boot camp class this morning. This was disastrous. My legs can’t respond quick enough to go from one exercise to the next.

Has anyone else suffered with this?

I’m unsure what to do. Do I admit defeat and stick to one exercise, such as running or keep going to classes and hope that my legs learn to react?

If anyone is in the same boat, I’d welcome an opinion of what you did, especially I you manage to overcome this.



I was exactly like that after I had a bad relapse that affected my legs. I went back to the gym and my legs were like jelly. I could hardly get up the stairs to my flat afterwards!! It freaked me right out so much so that i haven’t been back to the gym since. However, I can tell my legs are stronger now anyway, it just took time for them to get their strength back. So I should go back to the gym really, but I keep finding excuses :-/

Maybe you just need more time to recover from your relapses. You could try swimming instead for the time being.

lisa x

Thanks Lisa, it’s good to know it’s not just me and I’m glad things improved for you.

Perhaps you are right, maybe I am trying to get back to where I was too soon and I should just take it a bit slower for a few weeks. I’m not very patient and got so excited at feeling well again after so long! X

My experience is pretty much the same and just take a rest if I need it, before moving on to the rest of my routine. Don’t worry about what you used to do and concentrate on what you can do instead.

Listen to your body and you won’t go far wrong.

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