Gut bacteria..

Hi guys

Anyone aware of research into gut bacteria? Or The International MS Microbiome Study (iMSMS) I am just realising that for the 2nd time in the last 4/5 years I have been asked to take part in research! I remember last time I said never again but here I am.

Do you want the ‘nitty gritty’ or can you guess? What I didn’t see coming was it took a Research nurse, an A&E nurse then the consultant Neurologist to get 10 vials of blood, oh and 30 mins. This I thought was going to be the easy bit.

‘Nitty gritty’ yes or no? It involves bowel movements with time constraints…


Anyone who enters this Forum and who is afraid of learning about the nitty gritty of MS shouldn’t be here.

If you have something to say, someone will be interested in it.

Go for it.


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I agree with Anthony…go for it! Nina x

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Anything is acceptable M …warts and all, go for it.

Pam x

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Thanks guys, I have a hesitant bladder put me under any stress and I can’t go! I now know my bowel is the same, the first and only visit should have take 2/3 hours. There was no time for the cognitive tests or completing the food questionnaire, after 2 hours blood letting, weight/height etc. and an examination by an MS Consultant who wanted to know my MS history. Then a quick run through of the stool sample constraints. They must be on two separate samples AND on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday posted for Urgent delivery Post Office guaranteed delivery by 1pm, pressure times pressure. Monday nothing, Tuesday nothing Wednesday a completely unnatural poo like rabbit dropping! All of this means I face the same problem this Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday. I have to admit to being some what stressed, this is potentially so important for us. Please have a look at The International MS Microbiome Study it is fascinating.

If you don’t mind I may want to get back to you on this, especially when I can see the funny side of my predicament

Good luck and try not to stress, it’s interesting from wat I’ve read.

Sonia x

I know what you mean I have awful trouble at times Good luck with the next go


Samples have gone. What a relief!! now just the cognitive tests - 100 minus 7 anyone 93,86 etc. then food questionnaire. The possibilities of gut bacteria are awesome. Take care guys and be safe, M

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Good stuff, please keep us posted x