Grrrrrr argh!

Does anyone else have the constant bad luck to get neuro’s who don’t listen?!?. Had mine yesterday and have been slowly simmering at the rudeness and lack of listening from this guy. It was my first appointment and I had expected a fairly in depth talk about my issues got my three main issues out, he asked if anyone else had Ms in the family and when I said yes my dad and brother all talk finished and he just ordered an MRI!. Okay so the MRI was what I expected but surely he needs to know everything about me too??. I even had a symptom list to give him, but because o was flustered with the speed and constant lack of listening I forgot to give him them!!. Grrrrrr one day I’ll get a nice one!!. On the plus side MRI in nine days time thanks to knowing someone in the dept. sorry for the rant folks but just grinds on me how badly we’re treated at times!!. Mick

Oh yes. And apparently when I asked about work he said I’d be fine and relapses only mean taking a couple of days off and then you’re fine!! Humph!. If only he could walk a mile in our shoes eh???

Would like to see him try & walk a mile in ‘our boots’ and in the clothing too, thats before the symptoms!!! You know what I mean! Sorry he was a baddun. Phone running out of charge & run out of snacks!!! Take care

Here’s hoping the MRI gives you some answers.Will you have a follow up appointment with the neuro either way, or only if it shows something?

Running out of snacks?!? And you say I plan badly!!!. Get some 'teasers down you!!!

Sal. Apparently I see him again in six months unless the scan shows something up. Sounds strange but hoping something shows up!!!

Didn’t have any boxes - had to get a bag, not enough in for me!!!

Tut tut. You were obviously having brain farts when you went!!. Surely three or four bags would have done?!? :wink:

Ha ha, stop insinuating I have an addiction, its not true!!! (Tis) Only have one box a day, it was a big bag I had, slightly less than in a box. Good news about the job, will pm you later, when I can think of a more suitable response to your allegations of my malteaser addiction!!!

Lol. They’re only allegations if they can’t be proven. I have numerous PM’s which point to the fact that it IS an addiction ;). Just to make you jealous I’m going to plan making a malteasers cake :slight_smile:

Okay, have just sent you a pm, before I noticed this. Will put my thinking head on for a more suitable response later (on top of the other response I owe you) All I can say is, whats the name of that song? THERE MAYBE TROUBLE AHEAD!!! LOL. Mick, if it wasn’t for you I’d think I’d loose it completely, thanks. See I’m being nice.

Forgot to add, if I admit it’s an addiction, can I join you at chocoholics anonymous then;-) What time/where do you meet? Hehe

Haha, I’m the founding member!!. Because of the wide range of area covered by chocoholics anonymous it’s all web chat based and you can join us any time. Monthly subscription of three boxes of chocolates must be sent to the founding member on the 12th of every month!!

Unfortunately, I’ll have to pass then, unless you except empty boxes!? (Would not get to the packing stage- face would be covered in choccy before then)

Tut tut. You’ve failed at the first hurdle. The test was to see if you were willing to stop eating chocolate. Obviously you’re not ready yet missus. Keep trying (but not too hard I expect!!)

Hi, just to let you know that I have seen 16 different neuros…some listened, some didnt…they ALL promised something that didnt happen. I only once aired my disappointment at not being properly diagnosed after eons of tests and examinations…and boy! did they let me know I had upset their kingdom!

Hang on in there yeh?


Me again…in fairness to a certain neuro…who DID give me time and explanation…a Dr Dafalla.


Mick, the expression that includes pot/kettle & black springs to mind.:slight_smile: c

Haha I accept that!!. I’m very black at the moment!!. But no chocolate. Lots of marzipan had though :slight_smile: (covering one of those lovely fruit cakes and there’s always excess!! :slight_smile:

Hanging in there tightly poll!!.

Defalla?. Was supposed to see a dafalla this week but got ‘switched’ last minute to his colleague because an old woman wouldn’t see anyone BUT him!! :’(. Feel like I’ve missed out on a good one now!!