Grrrr...optic neuritis!

Aaaah cadburys fruit and Nuts! Just when you think all is ticking along… Christmas Day extra present may be optic neuritis. On Christmas Day my right eye became painful especially when I moved it. Found bright artificial lights unbearable as well. It has varied in intensity since then but not gone away. I didn’t think my vision had been effected so decided not to do anything. Today it was extra bad so went to optician for a check up. I only had one six months ago and had good vision and although I thought my vision wasn’t effected it turns out my long vision has gone sharply downhill. Optician said I was borderline for driving and I should only drive short distances! Hmmm not sure now if I should or shouldn’t drive. He has referred me to a neuro opthamologist at the hospital as fairly urgent, so not sure when that will come through ( still waiting for OT appointment six months on) because he said something could be going on behind the eye that he can’t see. On the funny side (sort of) I had to go up A & E the other weekend as my mum had a funny turn and ended up being kept in, she is ok now. Well while we were there we got the giggles because it looked like I was the one who had come in as i did my pirate impression with one hooked hand over one eye because the lighting was too bright! Only needed a parrot on my shoulder! Lol I am usually so upbeat about it but just feel like saying…aaaaaah! I am sure you guys understand. Mish x

Not to mention the limp! Lol

Hi Mish,

I had that in June last year and was scared to death but my optician was able to photograph my eyes there and then so was sorted very quickly. The doctor prescribed steriods which seemed to help so you should maybe pay them a visit too. On the plus side my eyesight is back to normal and has been since about July so hang in there all should get better soon


Thanks Claire The optician said he would normally be able to contact the hospital there and then but he couldn’t get through. So he has said call him tomorrow if I have not heard anything by lunchtime. So I may get a date fairly soon. I didn’t realise my long vision had got worse, that was scary. My close vision seems ok, so I am not sure if that is common or not. Hopefully get answers soon and steroids if needed. Mish x

Wow, now that’s speedy. Following my optician appointment yesterday, I have a hospital appointment with consultant neuro othamologist at hospital tomorrow. (At least I think that’s who I’m seeing) Fingers crossed for good news…a girl can hope. Mish x