Grand Tour of Leeds Hospitals

I had an MS Nurse appointment today and was picked up by hospital transport.

I’ve been to:

  • The Wharfdale
  • St James’
  • LGI
  • Chapel Allerton
  • The Claerendon

And finally – to Seacroft.

This little ride took 2 hours going and 1.45 coming back.

And my appointment – well 10 minutes of course.

I’m not really grumbling because a taxi would have cost about £50.00 and I know that furthest out means picked up first and dropped off last. But I began to feel a bit like the old lady we picked up from a care home who wailed “I don’t want to go” all the way to her hospital. (Thankfully one of the first ones)


Oh you poor thing,mind if you didn’t have anything on and it was a nice day it would have been a lovely run out!

Hope you had food and a flask to keep you going.


Hi Jen,

I’ll know better next tme and take a picnic.

Still, I’d rather be riding round than sitting in a hospital waiting room so it’s all good.

it`s a day out, innit?

luv Pollx

lol oh dear Jane, I do sympathise as I too have experienced this palavor in Leeds. I sometimes have to take a day off work for appointments. You do meet some characters on the way which can make it bearable. I am in favour and appreciative of the NHS providing this facility too.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Sounds like you were on a bit of a mystery tour, was it a magical one like The Beatles? Cheryl:-)

Theyre my hospitals too. Last time I went last week, was going to see ms nurse (off sick) saw neuro physio instead, next time expecting cleaner to be there for the consultation. Think neuro gone off me for some reason?

Hope yours went well. What is happening to Seacroft, its all being closed down?

Im lucky in that I only live 5 mins away from that particular site, but alas if it does close, then Ill need to try park at St. James, nightmare senario.