appointment at my neurology hospital

when i was first diagnosed i attended salford royal, or as it was previously called, hope hospital.

recently i have been going to a more local clinic for my appointments and today was my first time at salford royal in 2 years.

i parked in my usual place which is across the road. just a quick stroll over a zebra crossing and the main entrance is there.

but it wasnt. i walked for 30 minutes just to get inside the building.

two years ago the neurology dept was very close to the entrance but it had moved.

so another 20 minute trek.

once i found the right department i saw a lovely ms nurse and the appointment went really well.

i told her how lost i’d been and she said that she was going to tell the powers that be to send a plan of the new layout with the appointment letters. that would have been so helpful because there is a new main entrance and car park.

i asked her about fampyra and as i already knew, the answer is that it isnt available.

i pushed her for reasons and was told that the neuros will not prescribe it.

my face must have looked crestfallen so she said that there are private neuros in manchester who would probably prescribe it.

she is going to phone me with more information.

anyway i managed the hike back to my car and set off for home.

however i had not been to the loo so i called in tesco.

my legs had never been so painful and i wanted to get a few groceries so i got one of those scooter things.

now considering that a 90 year old lady zooms around on one, i didnt expect to find it so difficult.

luckily the lady on the checkout was really helpful and packed my bags, telling me that if i didnt feel that i could manage getting it all in the car she would arrange for someone to help me. like a proud fool i declined.

so now i am absolutely cream crackered.

a very early night for me (in the next 10 minutes)

carole x

Eh Carole!

No wonder you were cream crackered after all that trailing around.

I have also used the motorised trolley things in supermarkets, but find the amount of space needed to turn, with the huge baskets on the front, an ordeal and quite taxing.

It would be a good idea to send a detailed map of how to find the neuro dept. I do get those with my appointments.

You rest up now, yeh?


Hi. Carole I’m exhausted just reading your post so you must be shattered. Nice to hear of the help you were offered in supermarket though!! Rest up now Linda x