GP has diagnosed MS now awaiting neuro appointment

Hi I first became unwell 3 years ago, with symptoms that no-one could diagnose. Pains all over my body, electric feeling in legs, headaches generally feeling unwell. I had an MRI scan which produced no diagnosis. At the end of July this year I got all the symptoms back again but a lot worse. I had about 6 drs appointments in as many weeks as I felt so bad, the tingling pins and needles have mainly subsided now, but I’m getting tinglying feelings under my right eye. I am also now getting pains in both hips and lower back which is keeping me awake at night.

I have started to take Vitamin D tablets and am going to follow a non-sataurated fat diet (although eat quite healthy anyway). Does anyone else have these symptoms and could it be a second relapse and the Drs never picked it up first time. I’m not sure what questions to be asking the Neuro next week and want a proper diagnosis and no pain. Also want to know a prognosis as am usually really active so this is getting me down. Thanks any advise would be appreicated.