Got up early busy day

Well it was on the calender the font of all knowledge in this house so it must’ve been right. I was awake just after six tea in bed then showered shaved dressed and breakfasted. Off to visit the dentists. Car park disabled bay’s taken trip round the block to park on Margate harbour. Into the wheelchair and Heather pushed me round to the dentists. Get there after negotiating stupid dropped curb that’s so tall it stops the wheelchair dead. Get into the waiting room with seconds to spare and am told your appointment is TOMORROW. The fitted me in but it just proves even calendars can get it wrong, I would like to point out I can no longer write so I am not the one who wrote on the font of all knowledge!!!

Luckily they fitted you in hoppity :slight_smile: Your blaming the wife then are you Lol…men!! :wink: Noreen x

Have you seen there is a new programme on tv The Dentist starts next week cringe!!

NOT blaming just pointing out I am not the one who enters the stuff onto the font of all knowledge

I am sure if was written down correctly we arrived at the right time but maybe when the calendar was turned upside down the words just slipped out and slid down the page.

It was great the fitted me in and I didn’t wait very long at all in fact Heather left me parked went to get a paper and I was done before she returned YAHH I love my dentist

YUKKKK I can’t imagie a worse subject maybe its is about the

Exorbitant charges they sure know how to rank up the prices

I am dental phobic and have not been going for regular checks for years…not since I stopped having to “be brave” infront of my kids and recently I had to go to emergency dentist…no change in my mind…dentist to be avoided at all costs.

When will we get laser instead of the dreaded drill !!!

My wife is phobic of them I used to take the kids for their check ups she hates it now wheeling me in to the waiting room let alone where the drills and drug is. The receptionist always wheels me in