Got my Blue Badge

Qualified without an assessment.

WOOHOO!!! Park anywhere now.

See the source image



celebratory drinks are on me!

But… Can you part like that ?

Of course I can. I`ve got a Blue Badge.

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lol Sarah that’s a good point :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

Congratulations Scudger that’s great news :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Scudger Got my Blue Badge today too…

Still no PIP - waiting for Court date

On the plus side I can now apply for disabled persons bus pass

Have celebrated by having glass of white wine - thank you Catwoman


Hi Barb (BarbieSue),

Congratulations on getting your Blue Badge today too :slight_smile:

Sorry that you’ve not got PIP sorted yet :frowning:

Twinkle Toes x

just approved for my blue badge … but still waiting for pip …things take time . b badge took about 2 months start to finish .

Blue Badge was worth the wait. As for PIP I didn’t come close. If applying for PIP don`t do it yourself like I did. Get someone who knows how to fill in the form correctly. Good luck.

Great you got that badge

Now all you need to do is find a parking space thats not taken up by an inconsiderate git who doesn’t have a badge

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too true jactac !!! esp in london …and the idiots that park in spaces they are not ment to be …

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