Good old GP's

Just thought I would relay my experience with my GP. Having been told of my MS I contacted my GP surgery to ask for an appointment, which at first they declined, when I explained my situation they found a slot.

So I went in the doctors room and was asked how are you doing with all your bits and bobs, to which I replied what do you know about MS ? Oh no she replied, then she looked at my notes and pulled up the scan report. so we had a chat about the situation to which she was very non committal

But to top it all she said do you reallise you have had twenty minutes of a ten minute appointment

Wish we could put this MS on a time limit

That is absolutely terrible!

Firstly why were you declined an appointment with your GP?

What GP asks how your bits and bobs are doing??????

If she had read your notes before the appointment YOU wouldn't have taken up 20 minutes of her time!!??"?!??"?!?

I've heard it all now Zidder!!

Keep smilinghappy

Ness xx

Hi Zidder x That's just so sad!!! They just don't seem to have the time at all these days x

Having said that when this 'episode' kicked off with me beginning of February I couldn't fault my GP's (I see two! lol). The first time I burst into my lady GP's office I was in such a state and was there for almost an hour!!! The other patients in the waiting room were giving me stinking looks when I left!! She just had all the time in the world to listen to me. They have both been the same in subsequent - although it hasn't taken me an hour since - I'm in & out with not a lot to say xxjenxxx!  


Yes, I have a GP like that confused.

When I see him, after 10 mins he actually gets up from his seat and walks to the door!

On one occasion I really needed to speak to him about symptoms etc & made a double appointment. When I arrived at the surgery the receptionist told me that he had had to cancel the double appt as he had needed to fit someone in. I therefore had my usual 10 mins before being shown the door......angry

Makes you mad doesn't it - makes us feel we're not real people with feelings but just a number that get's called 'time's up'!!




I do feel a bit sorry for GP's. They have to do so much in such a short space of time (ie.ten minute appointments) and then they get in trouble if they are late seeing their next patient. I think GP' are far overworked and very pressured. I would not want to be a GP.

I don't often see mine but I am always very aware that I only have ten minutes so I try to go for just one thing and get straight to the point, not drag it out.