Good day Myth.

Whislt we may completee various forms noting our symptoms on our ‘worst day.’ The fact is that if we have a medical we will be assessed on the state of things at the time of the medical. The medics can only record what they actually see.

I thought the “worst day” advice was no longer standard practice by advisory organisations anyway, because it’s outdated.

If I may have had one day in 365 when I literally couldn’t walk, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to claim for the other 364 as if it was always the case. Some of the worst things that have happened to me have been extremely isolated incidents - no way could I argue I’m like that always, or even often.

I can’t remember the exact wording, but I’m sure the test is along the lines of how you are “more often than not”. So something that happened once, on your worst day, wouldn’t cut it.


Mmm, haven`t heard about the change from describing your worst day, to describing what happens more often.

Like everything else with these claims, it causes us so much stress and anxiety, we can do without.

It probably has changed to catch the scroungers, but it makes it harder for genuine claimants to get their just benefits.

luv Pollx

come the day of the medical/assessment the doc will record what he finds on that day.

Well, not strictly. They ARE allowed to take other evidence into account, so the more you can provide, the better. But rather than saying “some of the time I can’t walk 20 yards”, it would be better to have a neuro or physio’s letter verifying that’s how bad you were during the last relapse (or whenever). Otherwise anyone can make claims about how bad they were when it was really awful, but there’s nothing to back it up at all.

of course it cuts both ways. There will be people who may be assessed for suitability to drive who want the state of things on the ‘best day’ to be taken into account.

However the fact is a doctor will only record what he/she actually finds when examining someone. If they don’t they’re being dishonest.