Furious does not cut it

I have now received decision letter from DWP re me PIP assessment. I am absolutely furious with contents. The reading makes it like it wasn’t my assessment. Not one thing in letter matches what was said in the interview. For one she said I can cook using aids and appliances I told her could not cook or prepare meal as have no balance and I walk round kitchen holding on to worktops etc. Got 2 points for this should have got max of eight for that. She said I could communicate no problems. Yet by end of interview I was getting so stressed I started taking turn my coordination was going and spch was going slurred. She said I had full power of my arms. Which is another lie. She never even tested me on this. So how can she include this in report. As I passed cognitive memory test I can there for plan and follow journey. I have never made issue of my memory always been my balance that is issue. Nothing stopping me from planning journey. I just can not then go on and do journey.Told her could not walk length of myself. Report says I can stand then walk more than 50mt. Everything is just pure lies.And now I have just come out hospital today after 2nd relapse in 10 months. Hospital report says poor mobility. Coordination and progression of M. Going to CAB tomorrow. Have 2 hosp reports. Letter from Ms Nurse and GP. As well as letter from Occ Health and my employer regarding reduction in my hours. I am going to go to town with this report. I will keep you posted how I get on.

oh how infuriating!

my swear box would be overflowing!!

sounds like you will actually enjoy fighting this decision although it would be much better if they had reported correctly.

wishing you luck and don’t let it get you so wound up that it starts another relapse.

how ironic if this attempt to prove that we are less disabled turns out to make us more disabled!

friday night, time for a nice glass of wine, sherry, whatever is your tipple.


carole x

So sorry to hear this. You must appeal, appeals often get turned around and also a complaint? It seems there are many mistakes made at these assessments. Do keep us posted, go careful with the stress as it won’t help things.


You must appeal but with the right support.

They are told and expected to fail so many applicants. Do not let them get away with it.


Appeal their decision Appealed mine and actually got awarded pip for mobility which is a start.

Wrote to them explaining in detail why they were wrong and listed every specialist etc to support me.

Think they try turning people down to see if they can get away with it. Still battling DWP about ESA though!!

Good luck


Your assessment sounds just like my recent second one. They are taking away my pip after being awarded 1.5 years ago. The report was utter lies and the assessment was so bad especially after the first one was thorough and fair.

I wrote a very long letter with the help of my husband explaining that I needed a reconsideration and why, I also pointed out how poor the assessor was and that it left me very distressed. They have basically done a complete u-turn.

A week after they got my letter, I got an awful telephone call from DWP, I felt bullied as I had explained everything in the letter but this woman was a nasty bit of work and told me I had got better since the last assessment (if only). I also scored badly for opening the door to the assessor.

I could go on and on, it has distressed me so much that one phone call, so much so it has caused a relapse. I waited to see if it would go but it has been two weeks now so I will have to tell my Nurse.

Why are they doing this? Do they not know what degenerative means? There is no such word as better!

I really hope you get support and a good outcome with all this.

Sam x

Hi Violet, again very similar to what happened to myself. Also received the report - nothing corresponds to what I said/explained. Everything is just pure lies and nothing corresponds to my experience or to what I took great care in trying to explain! Appeal? Well yes! but the stress this is causing will, if anything provoke another attack. Yes, how ironic is this? the attempt to prove how unwell we are, is making us even more disabled!

This can not be allowed to continue!

I wish you every success in your fight against the totally wrong and unfair decision!

Not right, not chuffin right at all!

Love Pollx

Thank you Boudica, this system is completely out of order and we must continue to fight it…! Gingerlil

I believe my ATOS lady was over-typing another ready-prepped report. I asked the DWP for a copy of the ATOS report and allow me time to prepare a response to request a “Mandatory Reconsideration” of the decision to turn me down for PIP.

They got a 9 page typed letter from me outlining all the errors made by ATOS…and the additional errors made by the DWP! It was worth the effort as they offered me basic rates for both elements. BUT, there were still errors in their letter and some pretty broad assumptions, so we requested a tribunal.

The tribunal never happened, DWP called me, they’d reviewed my case and they resolved it.

If you can present any additional information then do it. My 9-pager included a letter from my MS nurse about a recent meeting, including details of medication given etc. I felt that ATOS just took the info that suited and ignored completely what adaptations made/support given/lifestyle changes etc. had been made. I was hugely upset, ok the fitness thing was only a part-time job but I lost a lot when I had to give it up and not just financially. OK, I’ll stop there as I could rant forever!

You’re doing all the right things & good luck

Sonia x

Thanks everyone for your replies. Had appointment with CAB today. They did letter for me. I am hoping it is enough. Only one page. But its all bullet points and straight to point. They have written in every point that what’s in the report has went against all medical evidence I produced, and what was there evidence based on. I will send this in with all reports from last time along with fresh letters from MS Nurse and GP. I have also asked GP to include in letter how I am danger to myself and had some bad falls one in which I fractured ankle. I am just hoping this is enough. I probably would have been more cheekier in letter and gave loads examples. But I guess the CAB know what they are doing and how to reply. I will keep all posted how I get on.

Good to hear the CAB were able to help you. I’ve sent a few things off in the post over the last year which never arrived to NHS England. So now important documents like that I send signed for and keep a photocopy at home or scan it in my computer. xx

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I always send this type of post by recorded delivery. It’s worth the extra pennies-keep copies of everything too of course.


When this b’stard illness first hit me, I put in for Disability allowance, as there was a lot I couldn’t do due to L’hermittes syndrome.

Turned down. Appealed the decision and was still turned down.

ATOS “You can cook microwave meals”

Me “They’re full of salts, sugars and all sorts of bad s**t and I can only use my right hand. How?”

A “load of waffle- not our problem”

Lad waiting for appeal after me was in a wheel chair with both legs and a few fingers missing. They made him pick up an empty box and told him he was fit to work. He asked them if they knew of an empty box factory he could work at. They didn’t!

Make sure you keep copies of everything, send everything signed for and tape any conversations you have with the DWP/ ATOS or whoever- they cannot stop you but ask permission first if you wish to use it later. Make sure you always ask the persons name before telling them you are recording (start the recording before asking for this). If face to face, ask to see their ID card, again they are not allowed to refuse this request.

No Civil Servant may stop you making a recording of any conversation with them even by phone. If they do, make a formal complaint about that person

Good luck babes.

Think positive (I will beat these w***ers- repeat 3 times like the Wizard of Oz)