Hi all.

Ive now been told Im gluten intolerant and have been tested for coeliac? disease. I havent a clue what this is/means, all I know is Ive got a bumpy rash on the back of my forearms. Any ideas you lovely people!! x Thanks Steve

Hi Steve, Not sure what the rash is or how they think you are intolerant to gluten… Maybe the rash is dermatitis herpetiformis which is associated with coeliac- but I don’t know!! Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition where body reacts to gluten found in wheat rye barley and oats. It causes an exaggerated immune response to gluten and this results in damage to the small bowel wall meaning its hard for the body to absorb iron and other nutrients from food. Symptoms include weight loss, bloating after gluten containing food and diarrhoea. It’s entirely managed by a strict gluten free diet. No meds needed or work!! A blood test can diagnose it but often you need s scope test to take a small biopsy from the wall to actually diagnose it. Common in a Western Europe - rare elsewhere. Very common in the West of Ireland due to genetics. Often exists with other autoimmune conditions like type diabetes, hypothyroidism etc. wonder is there a link with MS??? Love Lilly xxx

Thanks Lilly. My Neuro called the rash chicken sskin and thats exactly what its like.

Can’t believe you’d be given tests and not told about the condition!

I don’t eat gluten, it is a huge faff to start with but don’t be disheartened, it does get much easier over time, I feel so much better.