Gluten Summit

Hi, I’d just like to thank the person who mentioned that the Gluten Summit was happening this week. I’ve caught several of the replays and they’ve been really informative. I’m also currently reading “Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter MD. Another good read. The human body isn’t designed for gluten. It makes us ill. Again, many thanks. Heather


lt was l - Frances - who posted about the gluten summit - so pleased that you saw some of it. lt was a bit heavy going - but an eye-opener.

For some years l have been very interested in Vitamin d3 - read lots of books etc. And it was people on this forum who got me so intrigued. To-day, l listened to Dr. Michael Holicks presentation of Vitamin D3 Prevention of Diseases. youtube - lts the University of California Television. lts an hour long - but so interesting. lts been some years since l first saw his work. Like gluten - vitamin d3 deficiency effects everyone. lts well worth watching.

l shall also look at the book you mentioned ‘‘Grain Brain’’. What shocked me was how gluten effects babies and children - Autism etc.

Same with D3 - how low in D3 breast milk is - and l thought breast was best.

Hi, Just wanted to add that The Gluten Summit has been absolutely brilliant. I’ve learnt such a lot, especially about autoimmune diseases and the link with gluten, and about the importance of Vitamin D3. I didn’t realise that gluten problems can fester for years before presenting symptoms, eg. MS. I’ve done a lot of reading this year on Leaky Gut Syndrome and switched to follow a Paleolithic Diet. Some people think I 'm mad and still believe there’s no connection between food and modern illnesses, but I’ve been spot on. The Gluten Summit has given me the confidence to continue doing what I know is right. I’m taking control and feel empowered, not going to cave in for a quiet life. Heather