Link between MS and gluten sensitivity

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I know its late, but I just wanted to share a link with anyone this might apply to. Its a talk which discusses a link between gluten sensitivity and MS. It may be relevant to some. I think it said only 8% of people with MS may be affected, but it seems that a gluten-free diet can be beneficial with some of the symptoms.

The talk is only available till around 2pm on Tuesday afternoon and you will need to sign up to listen, but its quite interesting. You might have to cut and paste the link

Are You Developing an Autoimmune Disease Years Before Symptoms?

  • Understanding the immune system
  • Defining autoimmunity
  • The role of predictive autoimmunity in preventative medicine
  • The connection between gluten and multiple sclerosis
  • How autoimmunity may contribute to cardiovascular disease risk
  • The role of antibodies in unexplained miscarriages

Thanks very much. The more I read, the more there does seem to be a link between diet and ms. However I do find it depressing to not only be dealing with the symptoms but also to have to live on vegetables nuts and seeds for the rest of my life. I live for chocolate!

I will take a look mandes…my daughter is a coeliac as you know. Puddinglover please do not despair lol I promise you there is plenty of gluten free chocolate out there. Thortons do an excellent range…I personally don’t follow a gluten free diet but sometimes I share my daughters…very nice too. Noreen xxx

PS; There’s no gluten in a roast dinner…you make your own gravy from the juices. My daughter loves my husbands chicken stews…he uses gluten free stock. Its not all nuts and seeds Lol