Gluten free pastry

Hello. As anyone got a good recipe for gluten free pastry…my daughter is a coeliac. I want to surprise her with a chicken and mushroom pie. No probs with the ingredients inside just the pastry. I can cook but it bores me must be an easy recipe. Seen some on line but involves messing around with clingfilm…can’t be doing that. Its her birthday on the 25th, that’s the only reason why I’m making the effort Lol

She will be 36 Jen. She’s an expert on all things gluten but I’m doing it without her input…because I’m mad Lol. Baking beans to keep pastry flat Jen…sounding difficult…feeling myself swiching off just joking

Me cheat!! how very dare you. Off you go…enjoy your night

I only have a sweet pastry recipe but in case you haven’t already heard, GF pastry if really difficult to handle, If uou have a silicon baking sheet, use that to roll it out on and you can lift it over the pie dish easily that way :wink:

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia. I will buy a silicone sheet, that could be helpful. Now I just need to find my rolling pin

How did you guess Lol. The smilies on mine are just anove where I type in a little square bos with one picture of ayellow smiley face…you just click on it for choice. I’m on windows 8

will do

Hi Blossom, l cheat go to the supermarket asda tesco others are out there look in frezzer frosen pastry sorted. l did get a pie maker just too use when l bake for my daughter been GF 2 years now its brill, gluten is in so much food it takes me 3/4 hour longer to do shop as l have to read everthing, l made a blob one week picked up a pasta sauce did not read it she was so ill after eating it l make sure l read it all, the rest of the family eat gluten free to help her take care Jan

That’s it Jan…I’m cheating. Just don’t let on to Jen…I can brag to her how well I’ve done Lol


You gotta be joking

ls that right girls! - did l read that you can get readymade frozen GF pastry. Must look for that. l have made it with a mixture of rice flour/cornflour/soy - and had to roll it out between cling film. lts very short and crumbly. l love cooking - but even l will look for a way to cheat fair!

Making ‘Butternut and Nut Butter Soup’ its from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls Everyday Cookbook - you can see it online. lts our favourite soup - and looking at the reviews online - its everyone who has tried it’s favourite. Gluten - free of course.

Can you get GF Filo pastry - love using Filo. Sweet or savoury dishes. Spinach/goats cheese/pinenuts/filo.

Take it easy Jen. Why do we do too much?? xxx

Spacejacket your much too enthusiastic for all this cooking lark Lol

Well relax now…I’m feeling tired just reading about your day Lol

Enjoy watching Dr Who…no hiding behind the sofa

You show off lol. My husband’s hogging the computer at the moment…I’m struggling with my little phone. No pie yet…my daughter was away on her birthday. She’s away at weekend so it will probably be sometime next week. I need to build up slowly lol so that I’m not too traumatized. :wink: