Gluten free diet

Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me, does it help to be on a gluten free diet? Thanks Marilyn x

Dear Marilyn

I can’t say for sure, but the gluten free diet seems to have kept things sweet for me. I have had some ups and downs but my ms is RR, not benign, and yet I still do all the ordinary things in life after eighteen years. Now I prefer things this way although often I need to spend more time in the kitchen than I used to, preparing things. There have been a few times when I didn’t follow it so closely, and bang- a relapse came along. My gluten free diet is also low fat, low sugar with vitamin and mineral additives. It is explained in Roger McDougall’s “My Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis” which I read right at the beginning when I was scared shirtless and didn’t know where to turn.

I recommend it, but I can’t say for sure, it just seems to have helped me.


Hi Marilyn

Quite a few peope with MS also have Celiac’s disease, this means their gluten intolerant. I belive you need to have a test for this and if you do have it you are able to get gluten free food on prescription.

I can’t say whether being gluten free helps with MS itself; a low fat diet is always good. Must say I eat very little bread or cereal these days as I need to keep my weight down but do have coarse wheat bran for breakfast as it helps to keeps me regular. I have several friends who are not able to eat gluten, can’t say that their MS is better for it.