Global warming

Who’s kidding who?

Snowing in London… quite heavy.

I think ‘climate change’ is better way of describing it. Warming in other parts of the planet causing this terrible weather for us.

Whatever it’s called I wish it would go away… sick of it!

Pat x

A little birdie tells me that it might be a bit milder next week! Please let it be so! Teresa xx

I was used to this when living in Scotland, but snow in April in London?! This is nuts!

We have well and truly ******* up the world’s climate :frowning:

Karen x

It might sound irresponsible, but the way I’m feeling at the moment, “Bring it on!” is all I can say. I’m not one of those MSers who particularly suffer from the heat (that I’ve noticed yet, anyway - but maybe that’s because it’s never hot in this country!)

However, I do suffer from this endless cold. It’s costing me a fortune in heating bills, but I’m still chilly, and I’m sure it’s triggering these constant cramps I’m getting, that the medication is no longer working to control.

I’m praying for a bit of warm weather, in the hope the cramps ease off.



OMG it’s really coming down now… and settling!!!

Pat x