Girls day out impromptu optician visit

Good morning my lovely ladies and sirs!

Yesterday I had promised my gorgeous daughter (12) and one of my step daughters (23) to lunch, great girls day, me in my whirlybird (wheelchair) and one taking great care with me and one constantly putting her knee in my back and crashing me into things… Yes the younger one!

However my glasses had broken on Friday so I had called the optician and they were fitting me in at 3pm…

Welll I have never had such an in depth eye test! He found an optic neuritis I didn’t know I had he could see the swelling on the wee picture they take, my eyes have deteriorated a lot since I got last tested. I mentioned my double vision which is diagonal, not the usual side to side or up and down and he’s giving me prism glasses, and told me I need reading glasses, but I told him when I read small print the words jump about, quite sickening, and he’s said all these things are the MS which I didn’t know!

Then we visited Hubby’s elderly parents and I am pooped today, I just had underestimated my optician and his help he could give. All down to a broken pair of glasses!

Hope your all enjoying your Sunday

Polly xxx


Busy day, yesterday - no wonder you are tired! I knew opticians could help with double vision and other problems, but I hadn’t realised they could detect optic neuritis.

I have a great optician but so far my MS is leaving my eyes alone - thank goodness. My eyesight is bad enough as it is (I’ve worn glasses for many years) without MS messing with it!

I hope you are having a relaxing peaceful day today.

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No wonder you’re so tired!!! Yes eye problems can be very MS… usually more with RRMS than PPMS… but like all things MS there is no one size fits all. Luckily the ON is temporary and will clear up. I’ve heard the prism glasses help a lot. Make sure the optician informs your neuro or you inform when you next go. And remember when applying for benefits to include that info. Bet you’re glad you went now! Love Pat xx (sorry… still no return button… )

Polly you did have a busy day. You’ve obviously also got a very good optician. Believe it or not, mine said my problems were most likely caused by MS before I’d been diagnosed. He asked me what they were investigating for and when I told him he said that the only diagnoses that explained my symptoms was ms and put prisms in my glasses then. My Neuro was very impressed and said that very few opticians would do that without being asked to do I should definitely stick with him.

They take a bit of getting used to as your vision blurs when you look sideways but I get less headaches and can read again!! Tiredness still worsens things too but I hope you get as much benefit from your new glasses as I do.

Cath xx

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Thank you everyone, I pick up my reading glasses next weekend, still to pick my frames for my new prism distance glasses, but the optician was amazing, made me realise not everyone writes me off.

ive tried to lessen my pain relief to stop me sleeping today, just made me sorer, now to sore to lay down :frowning:

New day tomo, thank you everyone, start of a new week and I’m starting a new project of doing glitter wine glasses for friends, so will start as soon as I’m back on track with my pain relief. Looking forward to doing it :slight_smile:

Night night all

Polly xxx

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