Dr Mecola has put a write up about Gienya on his web sit this morning which I thought might be of interst to some.

Thank you for pointing out this routine frothing-at-the-mouth offering from the good Dr Mercola, David. Very entertaining.

Anyone who prefers their information accurate, balanced and measured can find a link to the MSSoc position on Gilenya at the top right hand corner of the main EL board page.

But those who prefer to scare themselves silly with unprincipled and fatuous nonsense can stick with Dr M - they’re welcome to him.


And your point is … ?

Dr Mercola has been dicredited by the FDA several times now and is no better than a charlatan.

People need to be very wary taking his word for gospel.


Good heavens! What a lot of utter rubbish! The things some people will write to get a bit of celebrity and advertising payouts!!!


Thanks for that - cheered me up no end this morning

Oh heck, you didn’t mean it seriously did you David?

As Belinda says, that site is not exactly reliable!!!

I am not sure if I posted this before, as I can’t check my history, but the Barts & London blog is a good source of information and worth reading.

We clearly need investigations to be completed before jumping to conclusions.

What a brilliant link! Everyone should read this.


Is it me or does the good Doctor look like Neil out of the young ones???

The link I posted seems to have reverted to todays news, but popping “fingolimod” in the search should produce a few results.

Hello David,

I am surprised to be reading this post as I assumed that you were busy compiling answers to Geoff and Karen’s questions on

I eagerly await your replies

Did Mercola get his doctorate from the same source as Gillian McMeith?

Just think David for a few quid you could post as Doctor Dave.

Did you miss the ‘e’ or the ‘h’ out?

Warning***Reading that spit can seriously damage your health.



Hi Geoff,

It’s a brilliant website. You can sign up for the latest posts to come as a daily(ish) email. Loads of really excellent, up to date, PROPER science, explained by people who know what they’re talking about :slight_smile:

Karen x


Brilliant reply Anon :slight_smile:

Sudden death in MS or SUDMUS (1)

Hengstman & Kusters. Sudden cardiac death in multiple sclerosis caused by active demyelination of the medulla oblongata. Mult Scler. 2011 Sep;17(9):1146-8.

Cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction is not uncommon in multiple sclerosis (MS) and is related to the involvement of the autonomic areas of the brain that supply the heart; these are located in the area of the brain stem called the medulla oblongata. It has been suggested that involvement of these areas may contribute to the occurrence of sudden death in MS.

In this case report, the authors present a MS’er with active relapsing-remitting MS who died unexpectedly due to the sudden onset of cardiac arrythmias. Post-mortem examination showed the presence of active demyelinating lesions in the medulla oblongata. As far as they know, this is the first case report clearly linking sudden cardiac death to active MS on the histopathological level.

“Sudden death is very topical in view of the recent death of a patient on Fingolimod and the European Medicine Agency’s decision to review the safety of the drug. I would be very interested to know if the unfortunate MS’er who died had involvement of the medulla oblongata that could have contributed to his or her death.”

“Sudden death in MS or SUDMUS may be commoner than we think. In epilepsy, for example, it took decades for neurologists to recognise sudden death in epilepsy or SUDEP as being a major problem.”

“I feel a research project coming on; we clearly need to get to the bottom of this issue before drawing premature conclusions about the fingolimod case.”

Very, very interesting. Thanks whammel for putting up the link



And especially for David

Become an activist; demand peer-reviewed evidence

“Become an activist and demand high-quality data! No more poor quality MS studies that are not definitive. There is no place for Bad Science in the modern era.”


Thanks for this link, Whammer. What a great blog - I’ve subscribed.