Gilenya - Northern Ireland

Hiya Folks - I see Gilenya has been licensed for us folk over here in NI - any thoughts or information would be appreciated and who will be considered etc… I’ve been on copaxone for about 10 years and done fairly well although having a bit of a blip at the moment, probably the worst, I’ve felt in 10 years…

Keep well


(would love to come off daily injections)

Try the Ms support workers,I found them helpful,City,Royal Hosps.It’s new to me but anything would be a big plus in putting up with this shite illness!

Sorry,that was meant to be poo with an ‘e’

Cheers Rudi - I e-mailed my MS nurse, just to find out a bit more about it…

hi. i was having injections and not coping. i went on to gylenia three years ago when they first became on the pbs in australia and it is a blessing. i have remitting ms and have been pretty well with a day tablet