Gilenya and baclofen

does anybody know if you can take baclofen when you are taking gilenya .

thanks Jenny

I believe you can take Baclofen with any DMD, as they’re not similar types of medicine at all.

What makes you think there might be a problem?

But if you have any concerns about any meds, always check with the person prescribing. If you are under the care of a neuro - which you must be, if you’ve been prescribed or offered Gilenya - they must know if there are any interactions with Baclofen, as it’s one of the commonest drugs for symptom relief. It’s highly unlikely you’d be prescribed both if there was any conflict - and I’m pretty sure there isn’t.

But I could be wrong - so could anybody else on a forum - so check with the prescriber.


I would ask the person prescribing them or the person dispensing them. I only take Baclofen so can’t comment, someone may be along soon who take both or have been told it isn’t possible.

Jan x

thanks will check with the MS nurse


I take Gilenya and Baclofen every day and have done for 2 years now without any problems at all. They were prescribed by my Neuro and MS Nurse.

All the best